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Causes of the industrial revolution and the age of Machines

Updated on September 30, 2015

industrial revolution


The biggest revolution

The industrial revolution was neither a revolt of the people in a particular part of the world, nor was it a violent outburst like the French Revolution or the American War of Independence. Yet it was the biggest revolution in the entire history of mankind. It was a revolution because it brought about a drastic change in the methods of production and general mode of life and ended the centuries – old stagnation of human progress and civilization.

Industrial- Revolution


Industrial Revolution


The Social Revolution is Our Industrial Revolution


industrial revolution

The industrial revolution was a silent but mighty upheaval. Although it is said to have started towards the close of the eighteenth century, it has neither any particular date of beginning nor any end. In fact, some of the labour saving devices were invented thousands of years ago. These included the use of wind power in sailing ships and boats, the wheel and the Persian wheel for drawing water, among many others. It is a continuous process which is still going on.

Expansion of commerce

There were some historical factors which motivated as well as created the opportunities for the advancement of the industrial revolution. The beginnings of the industrial revolution are related to certain developments in England during the eighteen – nineteenth centuries. England was the first to develop new ways of navigation. English crossed the seas and oceans and discovered new lands and countries unknown till then. The Portuguese and the Spaniards had also sailed over the oceans and discovered new lands, but the full benefit of geographical discoveries was reaped by the English alone. They built up a big empire in Africa and Asia. Thus, they acquired a huge market for the purchase of raw materials and the sale of their finished products. That created the need for producing goods on a large scale.

Effects of the renaissance

The renaissance had played a very important role in freeing the human mind from the age old superstition. It had inspired some renaissance men like Leonardo da Vinci to design machines. Also, a better understanding of the laws of physics and chemistry had inspired scientists to use the new knowledge for technological discoveries. The renaissance had also given a new confidence to human beings about their capacity to improve their circumstances.

Technological inventions, age of machines

Commercial expansion created opportunities for merchants and manufacturers to increase their profits through large scale production of goods. However, this would not have been possible without the invention of machines which would accelerate the rate of production to meet the increased demand. That was one of the most important factors in making industrial revolution possible.




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