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Celebrating the bio-diversity of nature in India

Updated on September 7, 2015
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I Believe in the beauty of dreams and determination to realise them and love to pen down my thoughts when words induce me to write.

Amidst the parliamentary logjams, the statistics and figures of millions undernourished and impoverished children, the deteriorating status of quality education as well as the evils of the society, there is a lovely one big picture of a mighty nation blessed with splendid diversity of flora and fauna which is a unique diversity called India- wherein people from different religions, different castes and creed, cultures and traditions, different beliefs and faiths are united as Indians for almost 7 decades as an Independent Democratic Republic.

When there is too much of a despair in world, nature is the best recluse. On the occasion of the 69th Independence day of India, let's celebrate with pride the abundance bestowed upon India by the mother nature. The plethora of plant and animal species puts India amongst the 17 mega- diverse countries of the world! The western Ghats and the IndoBurma regions are two of its biodiversity hotspots. In the north, stretches the mighty trio of parallel mountain ranges; Himadri, Himachal and the Shivaliks together as Himalayas from the Nanga Parvat in the west to the Namcha Barwa in the east. The Himalayas which are a source of Glaciers lakes, perennial rivers anchors India as a great wall. The richness of tree species of the Himalayan mountains and the exotic species of animals and birds makes it a storehouse of natural wealth. From oaks, junipers, pines, to rhododendrons, shrubs and herbs and flower valleys; Himalayas are abode to aromatic and medicinal plants. Down in the west are the beautiful western ghats- home to some of the world's most endemic species of plants, birds, animals. Towards east are the largest mangrove forests "Sundarbans" the home of the royal Bengal Tiger, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.The mystical and scenic land of the the seven sisters of the north east preserves in it a true heritage of bounties and tribal culture. Whether the volcanic islands of Andaman and Nicobar or the coral rich Laccadive, Minicoy, and Aminidivi Islands or the mineral rich chota nagpur plateau, there is hard to find a place which is devoid of nature and its countless gifts. Along the coastal lines of India thrives numerous linguistic cultures and its people carrying its scenic beauty. The deserts, the plains, the plateaus and the valleys, every physiological division of India has a distinctive beauty of its own!

The richness of biodiversity in India, the biotic and the abiotic elements which together makes our ecosystem will flourish if we contribute towards its sustainable development and growth. The conservation and preservation of this national treasure is therefore a moral obligation.

About the author

I am Meetika Srivastava.I have done my Masters in Public Administration with experience in admin. and human resource management. I also have experience in academics and independent research/papers/article writing.
Some of my papers have made to top ten list on social science research network and have papers published in national and international journals.
Presently I am associated with a global forum on women, as Team Celebration (Advisor to Asia), at A Celebration of Women™ The World Hub for Women Leaders that Care

I Believe in the beauty of dreams and determination to realise them and love to pen down my thoughts when words induce me to write. I have got a poem book published titled-Innocent thoughts of the Innocent mind-is an attempt to give vent to one's feelings and give words to unspoken thoughts.

I Would love to hear your comments if you choose to read my hubs :)


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