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Centaurs in ASCII Text Art: Very Sagittarius

Updated on January 21, 2017
That Grrl profile image

Laura makes ASCII art, using MS Notepad. (Since 1998). She is currently exploring adding colour to the plain text to make postcards.

One mythical creature which I've yet to see done really well on movies or TV are the centaurs. They always look half human and half horse, literally. The two halves don't really seem to work together and fit together as if they have always been that way from birth. Centaurs always seem awkward in the movies.

But, I've read about some really great centaurs. Sexy, strong, proud, all kinds of great things make centaurs stand out as great characters in fiction. I don't know why they haven't gotten the popularity of vampires or werewolves. I'd be more interested in a centaur than a blood sucking creature or a really hairy, biting thing. Instead you could be riding on the back of your centaur boyfriend, holding onto him - even better than a guy with a motorcycle.

Centaurs are usually shown as the archer for Sagittarius in astrology. Just as often centaurs are drawn with a spear, sword or nothing at all. Here are the ASCII art centaurs I collected from online, a variety of poses, looks and styles.

Small Centaurs in ASCII Art


The Centaur was warlike and bold.
They lived in herds in days of old.
They revel In the summer night
Sending Others To Aimless Flight.

Galloping through the darkest trees,
They went wherever they would please.
Trampling under hoof, cities and farm,
Civilization came to harm.

No wonder centaurs are not seen today,
With their wild, savage, centaur play.
Did they destroy themselves like this,
Or are centaurs just a Greek myth?


ASCII Art Centaurs


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