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Chalkboard Markers Vs Traditional Chalks

Updated on June 22, 2016

The modern technology has facilitated our lives with a lot of things which are used in the classrooms, the chalk markers, the whiteboards, digital libraries, computers and much more. One of the major items used to deliver lectures in the classrooms is the chalkboard markers. The use of these markers is getting frequent every day.

I still remember when my teachers had those dusty chalks which often made then cough. In today’s time's things are different. These new markers help you write smoothly on whiteboards, glass windows, plastics, and mirrors. The chalk pen provides a neat writing and also a clean environment. Your hands won’t get dirty with the chalk dust anymore.

These markers are easy to use, easy to erase and provide a good handwringing.

Non-toxic – Unlike the traditional dusty chalks, these markers are non-toxic. These are markers and will last for months before drying out. They do not have any material in them which is hazardous. These markers are completely non-toxic.

Unique tip – The fact that the traditional chalks do not have a proper tip do not allow smooth handwriting. These chalk pens have a smooth, unique reversible tip. The tip allows an entirely smooth writing and can also be replaced with a new one. It eliminates the need to purchase a new marker when the tip gets rough.

Versatile – These markers are handy. You can write on any surface such as wood, glass, ceramic, etc. whereas it is not possible to write on glass or ceramic with the traditional chalks.

You can get Wet Wipe Chalks here.


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