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Change, Resistance to Change and Change Management (in Life & Workplace)

Updated on December 15, 2013

A famous quote about 'change'...

Everything is ever changing... The only thing that does not change is the fact that everything changes...

- The Buddha

What is 'Change'?

Change, according to my opinion, is a continuous evolution of something or someone internally or externally due some natural or artificial force.

Wow, that took a lot of thinking and word play. What is important are not definitions (and the above is a pretty lousy one) but understanding the real concept.

Define 'change' however the way you want, even that will change over time. What is today may not be the same tomorrow. That is simple change for you. And most importantly any of this changes cannot be avoided or stopped. We will have to work with it. If you really think about, on a minuscule level, all the atoms and stuff are changing and on a macro level, all the galaxies and universes are changing.

This change process may be very difficult to capture at times and other times it is as clear as the sun on a cloudless noon. Natural changes in our bodies may be harder to spot in a second, minute or even an hour. But when we wake up tomorrow, we can see some changes and when we wake up a year from now, we will see some major changes. That is how change works, sometimes in hidden ways and this may be one big reason for people to deny the fact that they are changing.

Life changes... move on...

Life changes-from birth to death and death to birth. Change in ourselves, we call it aging. Many try deny it, hide it, seek medical help to prevent it, seek spiritual help and etc etc. But what needs to be understood is that none of this can really put an end to change. One thing can however, but that will be reserved for people who have any faith in Buddhism and that is a whole other topic and maybe discussed in another article.

We are all afraid of death when in fact we should be afraid of living. In any case, people do surgeries, take excessive medications, transplants and what not to stay one more day younger. But don't they know that all of that effort ends in the same result? This however does not mean that you should stop trying to live. On the other hand this tells you to actually live the life you have been awarded and make the most of what time you have got left.

Spiritual help, although may seem quite effective, has the same end result. All great religious leaders such as The Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed and many others did finally lived out their lifespan and passed away. And those were the extremely spiritual people of all. So what should be taken out of this is that nothing, i mean nothing can help you prevent 'change'. You will have to accept it, embrace it and evolve with it.

Facing 'change'...

There is one simple rule to facing changes in your personal life, social life or work life. And that is accepting the change. This is easier said than done. But that is life.

Throughout our entire life we have seen change in motion. Sometimes it is so subtle that we miss it even it happens in front of us day in and day out. For an example, imagine yourself, 10 years ago, now and 10 years from now. Has things stayed the same? Absolutely not! And will it? Absolutely not!!! We are more 'mature' now than then and even more in years to come. That is change for you.

Personal change comes with aging, experiences and skills and wisdom we accumulate with time. Entering in to the kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, puberty, relationships etc are all changes and quite big 'life-changing' ones at that. Haven't we succeeded all of that? We have. And that was when we were even younger. And what makes you think that you cannot face change now? There is simply no logic in believing you cannot.

Watch this...

Resistance to change...

Reluctance to change or despising changes is known as 'resistance to change'.

Almost everybody resist the slightest changes in their lives, mainly afraid to get out of their comfort zones.

The key thing to focus on overcoming resistance to change is your 'attitude' towards change. Attitude plays a big part within yourself in deciding whether you are going to 'like' a certain change or 'dislike' it. Let me show you how.

Remember your first kiss? Of course you do. Now that is a life-changing incident. Do you hate it or love it? I'm pretty sure that all of you, us were eagerly waiting for that moment, just waiting for the right moment, waiting for the right one. This means that you had a very positive outlook towards your first kiss and this positive attitude made the incident so much better, so much easier, so much comfortable and one of the best memories to cherish. A positive attitude towards the change can work miracles in aiding you to process the change. Now let us imagine the exact opposite scenario, where you were forced to make your first kiss to some random woman (better be a woman huh) that you don't really like. For this scenario you will have an extremely negative attitude, and this will make the experience a foul one, difficult to process and leave you with bad memories.

So it should be clear that your attitude towards some change in life plays an important role in making the change easy on you. A positive attitude is the key to facing everyday change, successfully.

Something more...

The Buddhist perspective on life is that; 'life is like a drop of water on the tip of a leaf of grass'. And I strongly believe in this. A drop of water on the tip of a leaf need only a millisecond to disappear and so is life and everything around us.

So the best thing you could do is to life your life to the fullest, make good memories and construct some good karma.



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