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Change: the only 'permanent' thing in this world?

Updated on February 5, 2010
Changes we are facing (
Changes we are facing (
US President Barak Obama
US President Barak Obama
Change for the better?
Change for the better?

The inevitable phenomenon

I am changing...this is the first line of the song when I watched the Broadway crowd-drawer-turned-into-a-world blockbuster movie "Dreamgirls". Really, change is the permanent thing happening in this world everyday.

Physical Changes

There are only two sexes in the world, a male and a female. But nowadays, a male can be a female and vice versa. Through the modern breakthrough in medical sciences, humans are becoming gods to reinvent what God has created to have dominion over the living and non-living things in this world. Is is for the good of the human race: to bend the prevailing truths about existence and decide one's own future and put the destiny in our hands?

Cultural Changes

Culture change is always moving everyday. It never is stagnant or static.There are many factors that can be linked to this phenomenon.

Government is the most influential system that dictates the norm of every society in every nation. There are laws and legislation that implement programs that persuade people to embrace such kind of system in public service. Democracy, communism, monarchy, socialism, anarchy...these are but some of the government systems that continue to prevail in the world.

Industrial Revolution greatly influenced every human race in the face of the Earth when modern inventions were marketed with a sole purpose to uplift the way of life or lifestyle and the standard of living of one family and the rest of the citizens of a nation. We can now distinguish the superpower nations from the Third world countries and the like. The progress of the nation is always measured by the economic stability it is having.

Reversal of Roles is an example of inevitable change. It clearly indicates that the work or skills of men can be also adopted by women in the workforce. A father can now accept the role of mothering to his baby when his wife is working outside home. It is now an accepted norm to see fathers changing diapers when this specific role is only for the mothers. The list could go on and on up to the highest strata in the society.

Change is Everywhere

It is both frightening and exciting, this thing we call CHANGE. Whether we accept it wholeheartedly or not, it will exist with us everyday.

Time Travel is more than truth than a fallacy. Before, it was just a pigment of the imagination of our fiction writers. Now that ongoing projects are being conducted in many progressive country, it is possible that I will be teletransported from Philippines to America and visit the main office of Hub Pages in just a fraction of a second.

Nano Technology is being heralded as the breakthrough in technological advances in science. But the danger is if these nano particles, which is self-replicating, mix with other species on earth, it will produce another kind of specie. Is it really this dangerous?

These are but some of the changes we must look into consideration. It will affect our lives. Someday we will just accept it as normal news that goes on and on everyday. Today, we are still in awe and often wonder how much these changes will affect our lives for better or for worst.



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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Creativeone59, you're very much welcome. It goes with the time. The other change I didn't or forgot to mention in the hub is growing older and a little bit wiser. It's a good change isn't it?

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank yo for a right on hub about change being the only permanent thing in this world. great hub thank for sharing it. creativeone59