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Chapped lips and their cure

Updated on November 21, 2014

Chapped Lips

Chapped lips cure

Chpped lips are dry, red and painful. They may crack and bleed causing immense discomfort.Loss of moisture or natural oils in the skin of the lips cause chapped lips. this may happen due to our exposure to the sun, cold dry winds or repeated licking

  • Care at home can help us to avoid this painful condition
  • Keep the air moist in your home.avoid too much air conditioners as they make our body dry . Dry air is a common cause of chapped lips.
  • Avoid licking your lips. Lip licking will actually cause your lips to dry out even faster and crack and sometimes bleed
  • On a windy day, cover your face with a scarf as we see that Wind can cause chapped li
  • .Try Using petroleum jelly or a medicated lip balm. These help prevent and heal chapped lips.
  • you may apply glycerin to your lips to stop it from chapping.
  • you can also apply butter to your lips to make them soft and supple
  • Put some sunscreen lotion on your lips. As we all know that Sun exposure can cause lips chapping. If possible Look for lip balms with an SPF of 15.
  • Drink plenty of water to remove the toxins from your body .Enough amount of fluid intake prevents the lips from drying out.If this happen often it could be a sign of a skin disorder such as eczema.
  • apply honey on the lips to keep them may rub lemon on to your lips they will remain supple and soft .
  • Discard any skin care products which you suspect contributing to your chapped lips it may be an allergy reaction too so you must be very careful at buying cosmetics just do not use any brand lipstick.IT may prove harmful.


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