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Character Analysis Scrapbook Project for Mythology Unit

Updated on August 18, 2012

The study of Greek and Roman Mythology is a staple in the freshman or sophomore English curriculum. In addition to enhancing students’ cultural awareness, I always find the mythology unit a prime opportunity to introduce students to text-based character analysis. As we progress through the unit, we analyze the heroes, heroines, gods, and goddess about whom we’re reading using the four aspects of character method of analysis. The unit concludes with a project—a scrapbook—in which students compile 10 character analyses.

The Four Aspects of Character

I begin the unit by introducing students to the 4 aspects of character, outlined below. These aspects will serve as our method of character analysis through the mythology unit. The four aspects of character are used when describing how thoroughly a character has been developed. The more aspects that are revealed, and the more detailed each aspect, the more developed the character.

Mental: This aspect of character describes how mentally “quick” a character is; his/her sense of humor; academic and street smarts.

Moral : This aspect describes the values of a character; his/her beliefs (i.e. religion) and ethics.

Physical : This aspect describes how a character looks; his/her distinguishing physical traits; his or her physical strengths or weaknesses.

Social: This aspect describes how well the character gets along with others; his/her socio-economic situation.

Character Analysis Scrapbook

After students have read a variety of Greek and/or Roman myths, their final project will be the completion of a character analysis scrapbook. I give my students this assignment at the beginning of the unit so that they can work on it throughout the unit. Below are the specifications:

  • You will select ten of the heroes, gods, or goddesses studied in unit.
  • You will include a picture of each mythological figure. You may create your own or print a high quality rendering of this figure from the internet.
  • You will also complete a character sketch for each these ten figures.
  • This character sketch will be substantial. You will analyze at least two of the four aspects of character (mental, moral, physical, social) in relation to each respective figure.
  • For each aspect you analyze, you need to include at least four original sentences plus one quotation from the text (properly cited) to support your assertions.
  • The pictures and descriptions should be assembled so that they create a scrapbook.
  • The character sketches and character picture will be positioned on opposing pages. Document protectors, though not required, will aid in your assembly.
  • You will include a front and back cover that binds the project together.


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