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Chasing Horoscopes

Updated on January 17, 2011

A shocking news report came out of the Minnesota Planetary Society that was poised to change the spiritual world of many Americans.  It seems that the traditional dates for the horoscope calender are no longer accurate.  In fact, according to this report, the stars have shifted about 10 degrees throwing the zodiac off by a full month.  The implications to this seem enormous to most, but what do those in charge of giving you your horoscope fortune have to say about the matter?

The Problem

The amount of Americans that truly rely on the zodiac is estimated between 25%-29%.  Thats how many people make decisions in life on faith in the stars.  They are also placing their trust in the people who read the stars to provide them with accurate information in what they are reading from the stars.  Estimates also suggest that 48% of Americans believe horoscopes to be accurate sources of information, but for one reason or another don't follow them.

Since the beginning of the zodiac system it was known that there are 13 constellations, not 12.  The Babylonians however, liked the number 12 better.  And most wouldn't fault the Babylonians for this.  I don't know many people who like 13 of anything.  The constellation left out?  Ophiuchus.  Poor snake annoyer.

Another problem is the moon affects how the earth revolves around the sun, therefore effecting how the sun moves through the galaxy.  Therefore it is not consistently passing through the constellations at the same time every year.  In fact every 2,000 years approximately it is off by one full constellation.  Therefore in 26,000 years it gets back on track with what it was originally.  So, do the math.  The current zodiac system we use in the United States was created about 3,000 years ago.  Based on the changes in the suns movement, our zodiac calender has been off now for 1,000 years.  Woops.

Not a Problem?

In a recent interview on FoxNews, Susan Miller (from said that "you get your qualities...from the planets, not the constellations."  Therefore, according to Susan, it's no problem that the constellations have moved a little bit.  "Everything stays equal..." she stated and then also, "they (Minnesota Planetarium Society) don't know astrology."  

All those whose job it is to observe the stars and interpret their alignment and transmit that information to you are all working hard to assure you that nothing has changed, and this discovery doesn't change anything.  They say that besides the zodiac being based on the planets anyway, it only matters what the constellations were when you were born that determines what you are, not what the new dates on the calender are now.  What they leave out of the conversation is that actually the calender should have changed 1,000 years ago.


The desire to control one's own destiny is indeed innate to being human.  From the beginning man has been doing what they can to have a better life.  Humans are egocentric, centered on themselves.  They are also pragmatic, willing to do whatever seems to work to control their fortunes.  High religions such as Christianity have proved lacking in these areas to people since they only hear of ultimate realities.  Afterlife is always pushed, creation is a big topic, and also right and wrong.  But how do I have a good and easy life?  That is the question most people around the world have that has failed to be answered, and that's why they run to whatever seems to work to control their fate.

However, the Bible does address low religious concerns.  They are mostly overlooked by the high religious leaders, but none-the-less they are addressed.  Not only are low religious concerns address in the Bible, they zodiac stands in direct opposition to Biblical truth.  It seems there is a conflict that must be dealt with.

A couple of examples of low religious concerns in the Bible.  God cannot be manipulated.  Manipulation has a negative concept about it, but I don't mean it negatively.  God will not be coerced into doing something.  Your righteousness cannot get God to do anything that He doesn't want to do.  Consider Job.  'Nuff said.  The Bible also addresses that God is the one causing things to happen.  For the believer everything that God does is "for your good" in order to mold you into the image of Christ.  God is working in your life to make you more like Jesus.

We can also say with absolute certainty, that whether you are a Christian or not, the source of anything good in your life is God.  Consider Matthew 5:45 "He makes the sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust."    It doesn't matter who you are, what you get is from God.  You need not look elsewhere whether that be to nature, the spirits, or the stars...the source of anything good in your life is from God.


So stop looking in yourself to try to control your destiny.  You can't do it.  Look to God.  It is there that your questions can be answered.  Dig into his Word.  Want to keep looking to your daily horoscope?  Be my guest.  Here's a new calender for you.  Maybe with a updated calender 1,000 years too late astrologist will finally be able to truly help you have a nice life.


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