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Cheap Online Associate's Degrees From Regionally Accredited Colleges

Updated on September 2, 2014

Does Having An Associate's Degree Help My Job Options?

In many cases, yes!

When trying to make it in this world, we generally have to start at the bottom. For many jobs an entry level position can be obtained with an associate's degree; for some, it'll be all you need to secure the job and keep moving up. Many careers in health and technology -the type that are growing exponentially ever year- require little more than a two year degree. Even if you are a working adult, it's possible to go back to school without having to change your schedule if you opt into a degree program via distance education. You can even attend a school out of state without paying out-of-state fees.


Have You Ever Considered Attending College Online?

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Doesn't College Cost A Lot?

Some colleges are very expensive, but not all. In some parts of the country, tuition is as low as $30 per credit, even for online courses. But most of the time colleges with tuitions this low are based on an in-state fee, and not all of them will have an entire program online. Plus, there's that annoying technology fee you have to look out for. No matter which program you choose, double check the cost.

No one wants to rack up student loans they might have a hard time paying back. This is why it is good to do cost comparisons for different colleges when deciding which online associate degree is for you. With a little effort, you can find a great school at relatively low cost. I've done some of the work for you. Below are several regionally accredited colleges with low tuitions and fully online associate's degree programs in fields of high-demand.

Three Cheap Regionally Accredited Colleges With Online Degree Programs

And by cheap, I am not talking about quality!

San Juan College, located in Farmington, New Mexico, offers a fully online associate degree in Health Information Technology. The program is 70-71 credit hours; however, prerequisite courses are necessary to be admitted into the program. Graduates of the HIT program are eligible to take the American Health Information Management Association Registered Heath Information Technician exam. Tuition per credit hour of their online program, as of Fall 2014, is $41 for residents and $125 for non-residents, not including general and technology fees.[1] According to the bureau of labor statistics, "The median annual wage of medical records and health information technicians was $32,350 in May 2010."[2] For more information, and to check out other online associate degree programs at San Juan College, visit

Cowley County Community College, located in Arkansas City, Kansas, offers a broad selection of associate's degrees online within the medical field, technology, as well as general and sciences. This school is one of my favorites because I received my own associate degree there. Tuition per course is $240 for Cowley County residents, $270 for Kansas residents, $300 for Oklahoma residents, and $411 for anyone else in the United States.[3] For more information, go to

Clovis Community College, located in Clovis New Mexico, offers several associates degrees. For those interested in a technology degree, this is a great option. They also offer many certificate programs fully online, and if you are going for an associate's, it's best to pair with a specialized certification to increase employability. Residents in-district pay a low tuition of $39 per credit hour, out-of-district $42, and non-residents $89, not including technology fees. [4] For more information, go to

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What Will You Need To Take An Online Course?

*A computer or internet ready device. This will need to be reliable and capable of downloading and/or displaying course material, and taking tests. Additional software might be needed for research papers and written projects.


But Is An Online Degree Worth As Much As a Traditional Degree?

The short answer: Yes!

While some colleges are only known for distance education, there are many brick and mortar colleges offering online degree programs along with their traditional ones. Each year, more and more colleges are expanding their programs. Elite colleges, such as Harvard, even offer virtual learning. And when you graduate and receive your degree, NO WHERE on that degree does it say your education was received online.

College Online

The Sky is the Limit!
The Sky is the Limit! | Source


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 3 years ago from Ireland

      I think this is a great alternative to attending college on site. You can work and upskill at the same time.