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Check Lists for College

Updated on September 27, 2015

College Supplies

Check Lists for College

It is that time of year when parents start preparing to send their children off to It can be a heart wrenching time as parents are not ready to let go and adolescents aren't quite certain how they will fare living away from home for the first time. This is all perfectly normally. I remember my Mother dropping my sister off at college and crying all the way home as she was certain my sister would be eaten alive in the dorm. My sister survived just fine. You would be surprised how well a student can get by on a meal card and with the basic necessities. And so as your last exercise before you send your teenager off to college. I have prepared a list for you and your teenager to compile for their dorm room/school supplies. Actually the college board prepared the list and I am just providing you with the link to the list. With proper preparation you will literally save hundreds and hundred of dollars because all of these items will be needed and they are cheaper to get at your local Walmart then buying them on campus. And try and go as cheap as possible with the exception of the one business suit/attire because sometimes things get selectively borrowed from dorm rooms. The rule is if you can't afford to replace it then it doesn't go into a dorm room. There is a bit about a TV/DVD player on this list which you can skip over. There are usually TV rooms in dorms and your child can watch TV/Movie's on their computer, Iphone or whatever. The one things college campuses are not short on is amusement. I also would add workout clothes to the list and encourage your child to have a work out routine they follow before college and then upon arriving at college but only in the day light in well light areas. So here is the list and try and stay under a thousand dollars.

Extra Things To Bring To College


It is not all on the parents though. Young adults need to accept financial responsibility so they understand the gravity of their financial choice to attend college. This begins with a J-O-B during their Senior year of High School and the Summer before they leave for college. It also entails applying for every last bit of financial aid, scholarships etc, order to pay for college. That means before anyone goes off to college they should have a pretty well endowed savings account.

College is expensive and difficult. No car on a college campus for atleast two years is the general rule. There is no parking anyways. Maintaining a car on a college campus is expensive.

Also appreciate that no matter how much money you have saved there will be unexpected expenses which come up. This may require you to work on top of going to college. I and everyone, with a few exceptions, worked through college.

The good news about being employed before the job fair or graduate school is you have a work history. A person with a wrok history has a better chance at success then a person who has never punched a clock. It is just a matter of fact. Although I will state for the record individuals with advanced degrees are unemployable in today's market. No one wants to pay them for what they are worth or hire a person who has higher credentials than themselves. It is a sad reality of life that the world prefers to higher ignorant unskilled immigrant workers who do not speak the language of the country as compared to those who have sought to refine themselves and be highly productive citizens of their country.

Forgotten Items and What Not to Bring to College

Forgotten Items and What Not Bring to Colleges

i love the videoes because the really drive home some of the points of n this article although both mention stealing which I am not recommending in this article. The refrigerator is key since that is the onply way to keep food in you room.

Water shoes and flip flops are not mentioned in these videos but should be as well as a good athletes foot cream. If you are sharing a bathroom with anyone it is very important you always wear watershows or flip flops in the shower so you do not get athletes foot. If you do them you have athletes foot cream already in your medicine cabinet.

i am adding a car to this list because it is just too expensive to maintain and you will not be allowed to park it on campus anyways. If you are, you will never find a space.

Preparing for college is like anything else in life. Bring only what you can carry, have enough cash on hand to bail yourself out if you get into a bind, libe small while staying focus d on your academic goals. You should also know the culture if you are going to school in a foreign country or another state. Cultures very region to region and what is completely acceptable behavior in my ne region is very offensive in another.

i am adding a video on how to avoid the Freshman 15 as a must see prep.

Forgotten Items and What Not to Bring to College

In Summary

College can be overwhelming if you are not prepared mentally, financially or physically. It is a time to pack lightly, work hared and not go crazy. Maintaining your physical health will help you maintain you mental health so you can optimize your success in your freshman year. It is also important to manage your money well and be willing to work to offset your financial expenses.

College is, after all, a gateway to your chosen profession and the key to success is preparation.

Finally, always have a way home even if you do not use it. You never know when it might come in handy.


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