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Chemical Engineers are Universal Engineers

Updated on November 3, 2012

Engineering is definitely a very exciting, attracting, challenging, delicate, passionate and mind boggling field but, when it comes to choosing one of its branch, saying which one is the best then competition is tough. Some would say Computer science - "computer is the future", Mechanical- "be a hardcore engineer buddy", Civil-"We as engineers do absolutely great things." these are the same things people told me after I cracked the entrance exam. From the age of 12 I wanted to become an engineer and I wanted to do all those things mentioned above.Finally I chose Chemical Engineering.

And it came out to be like awesome...!!

Although the name suggests chemical engineering to be all about chemistry, people wearing white lab-coats and monitoring reactions between beurettes and flasks , but its lot more, much more than you can think. The vast scientific and technical knowledge required in this field is greater than any other branch and the applications are immense.This is what makes a chemical engineer a "Universal engineer". A chemical engineer needs to have good hold of not only his own subjects but even mechanical and electrical engineering and believe me I am not spouting some theory I cooked up in my mind.

Lets first differentiate between chemistry and chemical engineering.

chemistry vs chemical engineering

So now you have understood the difference.Lets discuss how is it so awesome.

As I mentioned earlier people say "computers are future", "mechanical engineers are hardcore engineers", "civil engineers do great things","electrical engineers are highly paid", and many such things.But a chemical engineer can accomplish all these things and thus bags the title of "Universal engineer".

1. Chemical engineering is definitely the future.They are the ones to be counted upon for solving energy crisis, for a better earth.

2.There can be no other engineering as hardcore as chemical.Chemical engineers design Nuclear plants.Now how hardcore is that..!!

3.Great things by chemical engineers:

  • led to mechanical wonders such as artificial organs.
  • there would have been no PCs without silicon chips.
  • Cheap antibiotics-people used to die, because they could not afford Penicillin

The list will go on and on.....and the biggest accomplishments are yet to come.


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