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Chemistry-The royal Mystery

Updated on August 9, 2009


Chemistry, the royal mystery


Such is the mystery of chemistry that I have never been able to grasp its intricacies fully. But then, that is not the subject’s fault. It is my fault, and mine alone. If only I had paid more attention to those numerous lectures at which I half slept, half chatted with my neighbour, during those three blissful years that was graduation. Now, I feel small when I see the people studying along with me, all of them more or less proficient in their own disciplines, and here I am, not remembering how to draw even a DDT ring. This is one thing I would like to share; if you study the subject with all your heart, and keep on revising what you have studied, you will gain true knowledge in the subject. On the contrary, if you study only on the eve of exams, you may get really high marks, but at the threshold of true subject knowledge, you will fall flat.


The field offers one a lot of opportunities these days. The subject has in store,

loads of career avenues. If one can take a PhD, and is really proficient in research, it’s a sure shot way to his/her success and a smooth career ahead. One can even go abroad to enhance one’s growth potential. Earlier, there used to be very limited scope, hence not many preferred the subject, but now there are opportunities galore, so instead of running after an engineering or medicine degree, you could consider this as an alternative, who knows, it could take you places.


To read about my hilarious encounter with subject and the lab, do read


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