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China's One Child Policy

Updated on October 10, 2014

Many countries have felt the burden of over-population. Each country had different ideas of how to fight this perceived problem. China chose to promote China’s one child policies were enacted to allow the country to live within the resources available. Their country was bursting at the seams and the air quality and living standard was lowering by the minute. If population was allowed to continue, the country would have to either import from other countries or some of the population would starve. The downfalls to this policy are the killing of baby girls to be able to have the desired male child. This has been a tramatic result, however I must point out, there is no law to murder these children, that choice lies with the parents. China has set up financial punishments for each child born and all resources that said child will use. With the population skewed, what will that say for the population as the children get older and come to child-bearing age. There will be an incline of women from other countries coming to marry the excess men or the men will leave to find wives. They will also at some point have to take care of their elderly and will find themselves having similar “graying” issues like Italy.

The benefits to the world as a whole, are the lowered resources used and for the living, a better quality of life. The policy has obviously worked and has done what it was determined to do. Also the extra benefits and less mouths to feed should raise the average annual income. Although it worked for China, I would hate to think that this would ever be the case in America. I think policies should be more towards living more efficiently per person and on a technological stand point, always striving to use less resources for each activity. In some states a women is not able to have sterilization until they are a certain age or have 2 children, I think a lift on certain sterilization restrictions could help mediate rising population.


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