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Career in Public Administration- My First Professional Decision

Updated on March 28, 2013

With a whole caboodle of doctors in my family, my choice of engineering in my intermediate level of education (the high school level) raised many eyebrows. However, it was accepted as a “heredity instinct” as my father is the only such kind of black sheep in the “white coats” herd. But as I stepped in to the field of Public Administration 4 years back as a career education, it was when the real avalanche come tumbling down. It wasn’t merely a few raised eyebrows, but a lot of raised questions as well.

The reason actually was that most of the people (not just my family, but generally) weren’t well aware of the course of Public Administration back then. The degree of MPA (Masters in Public Administration) was quite alien to them, and any education career that sounds alien has “no scope” in general public’s opinion. The fact that the decision for my career was solely based on my interest, I was quite keen to prove my point. It was not until a big family get-together at our place, that I got a golden chance to introduce them to the vast field of MPA and its expanding scope in our country.

An internee at work in Pakistan Steel Mills
An internee at work in Pakistan Steel Mills | Source

MPA is widely known as the fundamental professional qualification for public service personnel- an ideal field for those interested in public service careers with state agencies, or with non-profit community service organizations or with private organizations that deal with government officials and agencies.

From the very start, my organizational and managerial skills were quite useful around the house and in my studies, but it was high time for me to realise my strengths and hone them for my professional life. I have always been attracted towards marketing because of the knack of creativity and innovation in me. Although the love of numbers inculcated in me from past two years had driven me to become an ace at mathematics and accounting, but when I look ahead in long run I don’t feel comfortable making it a career. That wasn’t my choice, but my developed skill at the time of need. I’m a right-brained individual by nature so marketing is where my heart lies.

Documented Records maintained in a state-owned organisation
Documented Records maintained in a state-owned organisation | Source

Today, the scope of government careers extends beyond the drawn out lines. The demarcation between public and private sector is blurring. Laws, regulations, tax and policies, contracts, loans and grants need an interaction between the two sectors. So even in the private sector, the understanding of public and government administration is required.

Not only did my explanation clear the doubts of my family about the promising future ahead and change their views, but also boosted me to excel and achieve my goals, regarding the first important decision I took in my life. Judging my potential and interest, the decision to master in public administration provided me the right path and exposure ahead in my professional life.


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    • Canscorpion profile image

      Nimra Aijaz 6 years ago from Steel Town

      Thanks Qudsia. The credit no doubt goes to the utmost encouragement of talent, from my Dad. :) And i absolutely agree with your point of view: Career no doubt becomes Life for a person. Majority people spend their whole life, live and grow old with their career.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago

      A career is a big part of one's life; I would even go far enough to say that a career can quite literally become one's life. It is sad that most people do not realise that choosing a career has nothing to do with lineage. I am glad to see that despite those raised eyebrows you followed your heart. Good on you Canscorpion, I wish you all the best.


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