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Choosing The Right Legal Services

Updated on May 26, 2016

Legal Services

Legal Services
Legal Services | Source

When we are in need of Legal help where do we turn? To the yellow pages, to friends, to the internet? There are so many places to look for this help that we are in need of. Often times we are in such a hurry we grab the first one that we find instead of doing really good searches to get the right help.

In this article I want to show you why it is necessary to search out good help when it comes to legal matters. There are a lot of pros and cons to finding the right legal help. So we are going to do some studying on why it is important.

Legal help is by definition : A lawyer who is hired by you to meet the legal help you need in the jurisdiction you need help in.

Jurisdiction: the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law.

Let's look at some types of Lawyers there are. There are more than 19 different types of Lawyers.

  1. Bankruptcy Lawyer
  2. Immigration Lawyer
  3. Business / Corporate Law Attorney
  4. Military Lawyer
  5. Paralegals
  6. Civil Rights Attorney
  7. Personal Injury Lawyer
  8. Criminal Defense Attorney
  9. DUI / DWI Attorney
  10. Employment Lawyer / Employees' Rights
  11. Private Practice Lawyer
  12. Property / Real Estate Law Attorney
  13. Public Interest Lawyer
  14. Environmental Lawyer
  15. Estate Law Attorney / Estate Planning
  16. Toxic Tort Lawyer
  17. Family & Divorce Lawyer
  18. Trial Lawyer
  19. Government Lawyers

They each have their Degree and Legal Practice to help people, businesses in need or any entity in need. They have legal bindings and laws they must follow in order to keep their legal bar practices. There many different types and many of them. Be wise in your choosing.

Questions to an Attorney when looking for one.

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The Lawyer vs Law Firms

There are a lot of different Lawyers and finding the right one can be tasking but well worth the time spent finding one that fits your need and is reliable. There has been to many cases where clients (we) have just grab the first one we came to and wound up in even worse mess than we started. Legal help is also expensive ranging from $150 to $500+ an hour. Yet there are some really good Lawyers out there. Most good Lawyers I know stay hard at work helping their clients who hire them to help them. It's hard to find these Lawyers because they do not brand themselves (advertise or make themselves known). They are continually about working. They take the time to get to know you and build a perspective of what you are there for and explain what they can or can not do for you. They have your best interest at heart. Not money.These are the type of individual practice Lawyers that our society needs.

Then there is the Law firm that has many Lawyers working for it bringing in income to it. Some are about good practices but some are just in it for the money, that's why it is a firm. I am not saying they do not do good work, just that they are very expensive and picky about who they will work with. If your on a low income then they will not see or work with you. They keep higher income clientele in order to keep them afloat. They are great for businesses and such.

Also Law Firms are not in every town or county. You have to go to large Cities most of the time to find one.

Law practice area
Law practice area | Source

Pre Paid Legal Services

There is also Prepaid legal services that are lesser in cost and still have the jurisdiction and reliability to meet you in your need.

With Prepaid Legal services you always have Lawyers looking to help you what ever legal help you need and are accessible right away. Other Legal Counsel is more expensive and not always available to help you in your time of need and they can deny you their services if they so choose. Where as Prepaid Legal help you always have a Lawyer ready to help serve you.

Prepaid plans are a type of legal insurance plan offered by a number of different companies and marketed through employers, labor unions, credit unions, department stores, credit card companies, and even door to door. Prepaid plans are a grouping of different types of Lawyers at discount pricing. Your search is basically cut by 75% in the task of looking for good Legal Service.

There are some scam and illegitimate Prepaid Legal services companies out there so research them out. Not every Prepaid or even Law Firm is going to have perfect reviews because of unhappy people. Yet it would be wise to choose the ones with less complaints about them and have a higher client rating about them. Do not just go by advertising. Feel around and ask questions from those who have used or are using them. This way you can make a better judgement on whom your going to use.

They are also found on the internet so it makes it that much easier to find and get the help you need. And you can also find out about them like who are they, what is their history, what is their base clientele, what services do they provide and etc! You can do all this on the internet. If you can not find enough information about them, then I think I would look to another. Do not just choose the first one. Check a few of them out before making your decision. Because it can affect you and the help you need.

Choosing the type of Lawyer you need.

The type of Lawyer need to fit the need you have. You do not want to have a Trial Lawyer filing a writ for you on a piece of real estate for you. This is where we research to find who will meet our need by the practice they serve. So inform yourself more on what type you need and where you can find them and research their practice to see if they would be a good fit.

The Prepaid can help save you a lot of time in this aspect of your search. However ask questions about the company and it's practices and their Lawyers and find the ones that fit your need and ask to speak with them to get a feel for them so that you can make a wise decision on what to do. Always research and ask questions before making any final decision. You'll thank yourself for it.

I hope this article was of some benefit to you in helping you locate the help you need.

Have a good day. :)

Legal Help
Legal Help | Source

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© 2016 Wayne Carlisle


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