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Choosing A University Close To Home Is Beneficial

Updated on May 24, 2017
Matthew DeWitte profile image

Matthew DeWitte is a current student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeking a triple major, and plans to attend graduate school.


Choosing A College Near Home

As the world grows both economically and technologically wise, high-school graduates are leaving their homes and travelling farther away to seek new opportunities at college. The numbers are surprising, however, when one finds that going to a college closer to home is simply more beneficial.

Cheaper Costs

Attending a university closer to the student's hometown proves to be much less of a cost. The main factor behind this statistic is the in-state versus out-of-state tuition differences. Many state schools and even some private schools across the country have discounts for students from their home state, as a means of bolstering the state's economy. Some schools, such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, offer two-thirds of a discount to in-state residents. This factor alone could help families in both saving money and picking a college that is the right fit for their student both financially and academically.

Similarity Of Job Outlook

The unemployment rate is falling as of recent years, and has been falling since the year 2008. This statistic, however, is disproportionate to the amount of employees that have earned a degree. In recent years, employers have been found, on average, to take around fifty percent more applicants with at least a bachelor's degree, than an applicant with only a high school diploma.

Many parents and prospective students are frightened by this news, and quickly look to ship their student off to the best university possible. The case for going to the top university, while seeming like a good option, is not always the most effective means of finding employment.

Employers tend to look at networking, and grade point average, over a college's prestige. This means that a student attending a state school with a very high GPA, and a student attending an Ivy League school earning the same degree with a lower GPA, may have the same chances of finding employment.

Generally most states have on average one school that reaches the top 100 universities in the United States, meaning it is easier than ever to choose a school closer to home.

College leads to a taxing amount of stress on young individuals.
College leads to a taxing amount of stress on young individuals. | Source

College Stress

College can be extremely taxing on the mind of a young individual. For many, it is their first significant time away from their legal guardians. Almost fifty percent of freshmen students experience some type of "homesickness" or depression due to being away from their immediate family. Studies show that the farther the distance, the higher rate of depression. With all the added stress, attending a college that a legal guardian can reach in a matter of only a few hours makes much more sense than attending college that would take days to reach by car, or require a plane ride to reach efficiently. Trips home become easier, and family visits to the young adult's university often make waves of positive impact on the stress levels of the student.

Conclusive Thoughts

A college decision is never an easy choice, it is one of the most important decisions a person must make in his or her life. Attending college close to home has shown to have a very positive outlook on the lives of students, and the reasonings for choosing so, may sway a student to remain close to home.

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    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 8 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I attended two places of higher learning. The first one was 8.5 miles and the other was 40 miles away. Definitely nice to be close to home and if I had ability to go back to school it be under 50 miles away. Then again sometimes an adventure is needed, lol.