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Choosing the Best Study Abroad Programs Outside Europe

Updated on January 5, 2013

There are many critical factors to consider if you want to choose the best study abroad programs. Primarily, you must bear in mind that studying overseas entails large amount of work. Most interested students often give up their plans because of the obstacles and laborious processes like applying for student visa, fulfilling course requirements, finding accommodation, and many more. However, without pain, you can never have any gain. Also, there are numerous online resources now that can guide you to achieve competitive education from hot spots for international degrees outside Europe like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United States.



Australia is among the best countries outside Europe that provides the best study abroad programs. It is highly recommended to enroll in Australian universities and colleges if you want to earn an advanced degree in science, business, law, medicine, cultural research, nursing, engineering, information technology and many more. The Australian government is also very active in providing support services for international students from ensuring superior quality of overseas programs to highly beneficial scholarships and grants. Australia is also among the few countries that allow foreign students to do part-time jobs.



Another hotspot for best study abroad programs is Canada. Even though it has high standards of living, the cost of international education in this North American country is lower compared to United Kingdom and United States. The Canadian government provides valuable support for foreign students through the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBEI). It provides vital information such as accommodation, scholarship grants, course requirements, updated policies, and advocacy programs to more or less 240,000 foreign students each year. Colleges and universities in Canada offer state-of-the-art facilities, effective study methods, and flexible course programs.


New Zealand

New Zealand is not only popular for its breathtaking landscape, but also for its globally renowned reputation when it comes to advanced degrees in engineering, science, medicine, and the arts. The New Zealand Ministry of Education provides support and services for foreign students through its international education advocacy sites. Aside from students, parents, teachers, researchers and anyone involved with international education can gain quick and easy information about the best study abroad programs in NZ, standards of education, living and accommodation, facts and figures about universities and colleges in NZ, and other vital info.


United States

Lastly, the United States has the best universities not only outside Europe but in the whole world. Foreign students are given high importance in the US because of the new learning and influx of culture they provide through the best study abroad programs. Aside from the support and services extended by the US Department of Education, there are also non-profit organizations in the US that are dedicated for international education such as American Councils for International Education, Institute of International Education, and American International Education Foundation.


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