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Chunking Memory method

Updated on January 30, 2016

Memory technique

CHUNKING METHOD. The chunking learning technique works by the means of grouping information in different parts in order to learn information easier. This information is often organized using certain patterns of rhythm, numbers and/or sound to retain information. An example of using the chunking learning technique becomes applicable as you try to remember phone numbers. The phone number 3476610561 could be more easily remembered by using the underscore between the number. This would read 347-661-0561. There is another way to remember a phone number by memory. This can be done by shifting your focus to the last 7 numbers as the area code is the easiest to remember. You may then mentally repeat the three middle numbers as a song. The last four numbers can then be retained by breaking the sequence of four into two numbers which you will repeat. Here you will see that remembering the information broken in smaller chunks will become easier. The chunking technique can also be used in the form of syllabication. This is done by separating words into smaller parts to pronounce them. For example, the word personification, broken into syllables would be:PER-SON-I-FIC-A-TION. Ensure that as you separate the word into smaller parts, you do this in parts with an emphasis on the vowels. It does take some practice. Some dictionaries will be helpful as you learn the art of syllabication. You can find a list of words below and the correct way you would separate them into smaller chunks. ladder: la-dder arrive: ar-rive captain: cap-tain happy: hap-py giant: gi-ant The chunking technique has other applications such as, if you need to remember a formula for mathematics or if you want to remember the food items as you prepare to go shopping. Let us first look at a formula in mathematics that the chunking technique can be applied to. As you solve long division problems, you may use what is referred to as the DMS TECHNIQUE . This means you first D-IVIDE, then you M-ULTIPLY and this is followed by S-UBTRACTION. This DMS technique will be used repeatedly until the problem is solved. The next application of the technique for the list of food items could be done in a similar way. Be sure you remember the item that each code represents if you are to use this application successfully. Example: If you want to remember the list of a number of food items you should associate a letter with the name of the food. Let us say you use the letter C for carrot A for apple B for banana O for onion.You can use the acronym CABO to rememeber carrot, apple, banana and onion. You could also make it more vivid by using more letters as in the acronym CAR-APP-BAN-ON.


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