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Chupacabra, Goat Sucker, Seen in Texas - Photos & Video

Updated on March 2, 2015

The Chupacabra is one of those legendary creatures like Big Foot or the Locke Ness Monster. There have been enough sightings to make you wonder if they are real but not enough evidence to prove it.

This is not the first Chupacabra sighting in Cureo, Texa. In 2007, a rancher found a dead animal that was thought to be a Chupacabra. DNA on the dog-like animal and results showed it had DNA similar to that of coyote but not identical. Earlier this year, another animal was discovered with a slightly different DNA.

This sighting occurred in Cureo, Texas, Dewitt County, where two sheriff's deputies not only spotted what they believe to be the Chupacabra, known locally as Goat Sucker, but also caught it on video.

"You know, it's just kind of one of those things to hear about and talk about, but to actually see something on video that may actually be a live one, that's pretty amazing," DeWitt County Sheriff Jode Zavesky said.

The creature on the video has four short legs, no discernable hair or fur, long tall ears and a long snout. Personally, I think it looks like a Coyote or maybe a Pit Bull, but as dashcams tend to be, the video quality is poor.

What do you think? Links to the video and a comment section are below.


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    • profile image

      blake 6 years ago

      it does look like a mexican hairless dog i even googled it and it matches.

    • profile image

      blake 6 years ago

      i think it's a coyote from a far distance

    • jellyhotdogbean profile image

      jellyhotdogbean 6 years ago

      I really believe that chupacabras are real... there are so many evidences about it. I mean, you believe about big foot and any monster, why not believe chupacabras are real. They have the same number of evidences... I believe!

    • profile image

      dogluvr 6 years ago

      Yeah a xolo. :=(

    • profile image

      Nat 7 years ago

      This looks like the xoloitzcuintli, the mexican hairless dog.