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Chupacabras And The Jersey Devil ! Myth Or Reality?

Updated on January 23, 2012

Myth Or Reality ?

There are still lots of animals and creatures human race is unaware of. I am not saying that some of the monster like creatures still exist or they ever walked the face of this earth nor do i deny its existence.People in the past have reported seeing different kinds of unusual animals and people who have a tendency to lean on the paranormal side say those were some devils, demons or mystery creatures..perhaps evoked from the bottoms of hell or called upon by blackmagick! Whatever it is there is still some evidence in what people say about the strange sightings.The Chupacabras were known to suck goats blood and kill them and it was described as a horrible looking creature with glowing eyes, short, something like a kangaroo and a dog ! some blame these killing of livestock on coyotes, to be precise manged coyotes who look different because they are hairless,others who had witnessed the monsterlike creature reported this monster had glowing red eyes and it was nowhere near like a coyote.The strange part is that these monsters didnt eat the flesh of their prey, they drained the blood of its prey by sucking its blood like a vampire.

The other monsterlike creature sighted was the Jersey Devil. It is said to have wings, its face was horselike and it could fly, gallop and swim !

Some sightings of the Chupacabra date back to the 1970's. Its also known as the goat killer.The sighting started in 1995 when people of Puerto Rico reported witnessing a strange creature that was killing farmer's livestock, sometimes hundreds of animals in an evening. Chupacabras killed these animals by sucking their blood.

Chupacabra as witness described it --:

>The size of chimpanzee

>Hops like a kangaroo

>Large glowing red eyes

>Grayish skin and hairy arms

>Long snake like tongue

>Sharp fangs

>Quills running along its spine

>Some believed it had wings

The jersey devil--: People in New Jersey reported seeing a frightening, terrifying creature which was named the Jersey devil. Researchers claim more than 2,000 people have witnessed it over the centuries. Although rare, sighting continue upto the present day.The legend of the Jersey devil dates back to 1700's. Multiple sightings were reported in the 1900's.

Commonly cited attributes of the Jersey devil-

>Three and a half feet high

>A head like that of a collie dog and face like a horse

>Wings two feet long

>Horse's hooves

>Walks on its back legs

These nocturnal predators come out only in the night, perhaps thats why it is very difficult to spot them.Some say they remain hidden in tall trees during the daytime.

Looks like there is something like the mysterious creatures discussed above, you decide for yourself whether there is reality in all this or its just a folklore!

The horrible chupacabra ?
The horrible chupacabra ?
Which freaky monster is this?
Which freaky monster is this?
From the depths of the ocean?
From the depths of the ocean?


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    • profile image

      Eel 3 years ago

      Oh yeah, faulbous stuff there you!

    • profile image

      wiGGz 6 years ago

      Is it possible for actual prints to be left in the snow and actual deep scratches on windows? PLEASE reply!!

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Good piece of information Theodore Essecalias ! Thank you so much :)

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you for your comment Gabe. I will look into it and see if I can gather more information about it.

    • profile image

      Ty 6 years ago

      The last 2 are far too rotted to be considered some new animal or the chupacobra without a dna test and examination of the skeleton... in the second picture the flesh has actually rotted off the skull and the and the nasal passage is exposed and almost all of the flesh is missing from the lower jaw. And looking at the skin and lack of fur the animal could have had mange prior to death.

    • profile image

      Nel 6 years ago

      I think showing the paws would of made out the last two photos...if you notices the feet are hidden! Why?

    • profile image

      Theodore Essecalias 6 years ago

      This creature, with documents to identify, was in fact an experiment with radiation mutated animals. Named "Patient 776", This creature received 3 doses of radiation a day, 5 days a week, for 13 years. After stopping through a McDonalds drivethru, this creature was then spotted tanning, as seen in these 2 pictures.

    • profile image

      gabe 6 years ago

      that thing is just a monky pig

      [LOOK IT UP]I may be 10 but even tha couldent fool me

    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Look for the Jersey Devil on the program called, "Lost Tapes", very scary. The, "Lost Tapes", are supposed to be the actual tapes of people who experience these strange phenomenon. Very good program. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are creepy.

    • profile image

      u didnt see anything 7 years ago

      dat is 1 weird thingy

    • profile image

      ??? 7 years ago

      Looks really pig-like... a lot of animals get diseases and end up looking mutated. The last two, in my opinion, may just be a deformed or ill pig or boar. The first I'm unsure about, but I have to say it looks very fake.

    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thanks for stopping by! I was doing a random search and got them on google images.I thought as much that genetic experiment had a role to play in this but then it looks a lot more like some dog in the early stages of decomposition.This one is called the Montauk monster!

    • profile image

      K.Robertson 8 years ago

      Where did you get the bottom two pictures? They're alot more clear than others I've seen of it. At first I thought it might of been a hippo but the head was just too bizarre. My husband looked at the picture and the first thing that came out of his mouth was 'maybe scientists were doing genetic experiments and either dumped it or it escaped and died.'