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Circle Names (circumference, radius, diameter, chord and tangent)

Updated on August 12, 2010

In this hub I will explain to you the names of different parts of a circle.

1) The circumference is the distance around the circle (basically it’s the perimeter of the circle)

2) The diameter is the distance across the centre of a circle. The radius is the distance halfway across the centre of the circle (the radius is basically half of the diameter). For example, if the diameter of a circle is 24cm then the radius will be 12 cm (since ½ of 24 = 12).The radius and diameter are important for working out the area and circumference of a circle.

3) A chord is a line that passes from through the inside of the circle, from one point on the circumference to another (as long as it doesn’t pass through the centre of the circle).

4) A tangent is a line that "just touches" the circumference of a circle from the outside.

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