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Civilisations and Their Pursuit for Survival and Dominance

Updated on September 16, 2015

What Positive Values does History Remember from Past Civilisations?

History remembers a civilisation for what it builds in honour of its people, not what it destroys in tribute to their name. One such example are the Pyramids of Egypt which were built in honour of the god's and Pharaohs.

History Remembers Egyptian Civilisation for the Pyramids the People Built

How does History Remember Some Great Leaders?

Take the lives of Napoleon, Caesar and Stalin as examples. History honours and remembers such leaders for their courage and bravery for what they destroyed and conquered, not what they built in honour of their nation.

If a leader kills one, he is known as a murderer; if he kills ten, he is a mass-murderer; if he kills a hundred, it is called a massacre; but if he kills thousands he becomes a revered conqurer. It seems to me, the more people a leader kills, the more revered he becomes in the eyes of history.

Will Hitler one-day be remembered as a Great Leader?

I think future generations will remember Hitler as a Great Leader; because some leaders are revered for the number of people they kill in honour of their people. Notwithstanding, Hitler did also possess certain leadership traits such as a charisma that galvanised and united Germany. I hope Hitler is forever remembered as a tyrinical leader, but as history shows, sometimes those leaders that commit the most attrocities in defence and honour of their people are revered by future generations.

How and Why Does One Civilisation Seek to Destroy the Other?

Why does one Civilisation seek to destroy the other? A Civilisation seeks to destroy the other due to fear for it's own survival. If one Civilisation feels threatened by the other, then it seeks to annihilate the threat in order to survive.

How does one Civilisation destroy the other? In order for one civilisation to surpass another and survive, a leader must first destroy *the other* through mastery of knowledge, culture and war.

How Do Civilisations Survive the Threat of Annihilation?

To avert annihilation, a civilisation under threat must also produce a leader to destroy the other through mastery of knowledge, culture and war. Otherwise, as for the once proud but soon to be conquered people, there will only be humiliation.

Is There any Wisdom to War?

War is ugly, but it is due to the threat of annihilation have nations invested and built the technology we have today that has benefitted the human-race. Nuclear technology is one such example of technological achievements bought about due to the threat of war. Thus is perhaps why, God allows war in order for humans to be motivated and driven to progress? Notwithstanding, verily peace is better than war.

Such is the circle of life, Empires and Civilisations rise and fall and it is only thorough the skill of co-existence can humanity as a race move forward as one. But, nations rightly so do not trust their neighbours.

Nuclear Technology Was Created Because of WW2

Civilisation is a Turn-Based Strategy Game I Recommend


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    • abdussalaam profile image

      Abdus Salaam 2 years ago from Luton

      Thank you for your comment. :-)

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      Ansh Vashisth 2 years ago from Aliso Viejo, CA

      Excellent article, what you said about nuclear technology is very true.