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Claims that a flu shot causes the flu are false.

Updated on November 19, 2013

If you are sensitive to any of the components...

Then don't take the vaccination. The shot is to introduce elements to the immune response for the most likely to occur viruses.

For concerns about mass medication to control the population.

The scope of this article does not address the concerns about mass medication, or big pharm being in the pocket of the government. Feel free to search for these types of articles in your browser.

The virus is inert and not viable.

They grow the viruses, and choose which to put in the inoculation. They can and do miss their mark when it comes to picking the most likely viruses to treat for in a given season. The pieces of the dead virus are introduced via the shot. When the immune system finds the pieces of the virus, the immune response develops antibodies to the virus. This is why when the virus is seen again the body will produce antibodies to the virus and, in theory, the virus symptoms will be much less, or no symptoms will occur.

The selection of the three or four viruses to inoculate for, is based upon a number of factors. These include past flu outbreak patterns, and emerging POSSIBLE viruses. Protection will occur for many strains similar to the ones in the shot. So, in theory, you can protect for many more than three or four flu viruses.

Since the biological component is dead, is can't cause the flu.

The virus mutates fast, it doesn't want to kill it's host, it wants to reproduce. If the host dies, that virus can't transfer to another host. So the viruses that live are the ones that transfer, by air, by touch, and in the right conditions, off of surfaces the one with flu has handled.

At any given time there are around two hundred influenza viruses active in various populations, world wide. Since the virus can use the host cells in a way to mutate easily, the body won't recognize the new variation, this is why you can get sick even if you've had the flu shot.

Billions in pay are lost each year, and people die from this.

When you are sick, and go to work, the virus has new transport hosts available to continue it's life cycle. When you stay home, you loose money. If you are already frail, or immune compromised, you can become EXTREMELY SICK, if exposed, every year people die.

Schools and large factories encourage inoculation.

If the shot just reduces the flu's spread it is worth the time and expense to get the shot. In the healthcare setting, the frail and already sick really bear the brunt of the suffering from the symptoms of the flu.

Don't get the shot when...

You are already ill. When your immune system is known be compromised. Egg allergies would be a reason to not get the vaccine. If you have GBS Gulliain-Barre' Syndrome, you should consult your physician before taking the shot.

If you are around anyone, you need the flu shot.

Schools, workplaces, and community gatherings, are all places that the virus uses to find new hosts.

Even really healthy people die each year from the flu. Everyone interacts with people at higher risks for complications from the flu. The elderly, the very young, those sick with other conditions. So, the more people with antibodies to the flu, the less complications from the flu will occur.

Hand washing, and hand sanitizers are still the best defense.

When you come home, WASH YOUR HANDS. Control your symptoms, when you are sick, use the sick days when you are sick, and try to stay home when you are sick.

Encourage those you influence to wash and sanitize their hands, and be an example of good hand hygiene.

HAND SANITIZERS are NOT a substitute for hand washing, they are designed to minimize bacteria spread, until soap and water can be used.

CDC websites are a good source of information.

The information is useful and can help you to understand the uses, and limitations of the flu vaccine. The wild stories and old wives tales can confuse people, when they make decisions about their health. There are a number of, reasonable and trustworthy sources describing the pros and cons of vaccines. If you have concerns, read up on it. Knowledge is power.


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