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List of Classification of managerial skills

Updated on November 11, 2013

Classification of Managerial Skills

At all levels, Managers require three types of skills. They are:

  1. Technical Skills

  2. Human Skill

  3. Conceptual Skills

  1. Technical Skill: It is the ability of a manager to use the equipments, methods and techniques involved in performing specific tasks. Technical skill is required more at the lower level of management I.e. at the supervisory level. At higher levels, the technical skill is less important as managers can rely upon others for technical information.

  2. Human Skill: The ability of a manager to work with, understand, and motivate people in the organization is known as human skill. It also involves the ability to build effective work teams. The human aspect of management requires individual as well as group relations to be maintained and developed for achieving maximum efficiency. Human skills are important at all levels of management.

  3. Conceptual Skill: This consists of the manager's ability to coordinate all organizational activities and varied interests involved in it. It involves viewing the organization in its totality and understanding the inter-dependence of its individual parts. Of all the skills, this conceptual skill is the most difficult skill to acquire. Conceptual skill is very important for top management in formulating long-range plans, broad policies and relating the business enterprise to the industry and economy.

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