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Classroom Activities for boys

Updated on December 23, 2012

Teaching boys......

It is not my forte - that's for sure but on more than one occasion I have been called on to work with recalcitrant boys, and again I have a challenging class.

In China it is not unusual, in this college anyway, for boys and girls to be taught in the same class. Usually there are some 30+ girls and less than 10 boys. In fact some classes have just one boy. Lucky boy?? Maybe. At least he has many girl friends, or girls that want to be his girlfriend. But he also has to do all the "man's" work - carrying heavy things etc.

But I digress. I know that boys and girls learn differently. Just google "educating boys" and you will see many articles about the topic and how in many countries same sex classes are helping both sexes. The girls no longer have to "impress" the boy/s in class, or feel intimidated if they are brighter than the boys. The boys no longer have to feel intimidated by the brighter girls. And they can also learn different things. Again, look at the research about the different learning styles.

So I have this group of challenging boys. Some of whom really want to learn English but find it difficult (it is easier for girls as a general rule). The going is tough. They need a male teacher but there is not one available.

Our class if for only 45 minutes, and as they arrive at different intervals it creates a further challenge.

But I've just found a website with anactivity - though not specifically an ESL activity, that I might just try in class next week. It should be a lot of fun and it should get them talking.

It is called The Great Egg Drop. We will have to work outside the class for this one, and I suspect I will have to clean up afterwards!!!!

However, the website that I have just discovered has other activities, though not specifically for the ESL classroom, can be adapted.


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