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Catalytic Fragrance Lamp Burner and Wick Cleaning

Updated on May 6, 2009

Introducing Fragrance Lamps, Onaya Fragrance Fuels and MyFountainDesigns introduces Onaya Fragrance Fuels which are created with the finest Aromatherapy Essential Oils from around the world. Our Fragrances are clean burning, but not just simply 'a clean burn' they clean your breathing air as they burn. Onaya Fragrance fuel oils kill up to 85% of all germs floating around in your home. Your Fragrance Lamp will give you many years of great aromas and CLEAN HEALTHY BREATHING AIR by following a few simple steps to keep your Stone Burner and Wick clean and in good working condition.


1. Treat fragrance fuel just like you would isopropyl alcohol. Do not store it next to an open flame and do not allow children to touch your Fragrance Lamp while in use.

2. Never leave the stone burning with an open flame

3. Do not let the stone burn with an open flame for longer than 3-4 minutes.

4. Use the small funnel included with your Fragrance Lamp to pour the Fragrance Fuel into Lamp. Always clean any spills of fuel immediately and before you light the lamp.

5. Consider using a glove or oven mitt to remove decorative crown lid while the lamp is active, or 'on'. It is very hot!

6. Never fill lamp chamber more than 2/3's full.

7. Never place snuffing cap over an open flame.

8. Do not refill the fragrance lamp until stone burner is cool to touch.


- To light your lamp, first fill the lamp no more than 2/3 full with Fragrance Fuel. Put the Stone Burner and Wick in the lamp and place the snuffer cap over the burner. After 20 minutes remove the snuffer cap, light the burner and allow the flame to burn for 3 - 4 minutes, then blow the flame out and place the large decorative vented cap over the stone burner and enjoy! DO NOT ALLOW THE FLAME TO BURN LONGER THAN 4 MINUTES! or you may ruin your stone burner.


- when you want to 'turn your lamp off', do one of the following

1] If you are going to be lighting your Fragrance Lamp again in the next few days, simply place the snuffer cap over your stone burner. Then when ready to light your lamp again, remove the cap and light your stone burner or remove the burner and wick and add more fuel if necessary. Then place the burner and wick back into your lamp.


2] If you are NOT going to be using your lamp for a few days or longer, after the stone cools to the touch, remove it from the lamp. Place your burner and wick on a clean paper towel and let it dry completely or store it in CLEAN 4-in-one-solution.


from my own experience

- IF you let your fragrance lamp go out and you don't take the wick out immediately, put the snuffer cap on your fragrance lamp or you will ruin any fragrance fuel left in the lamp. The antiseptic will evaporate and your fuel will not burn no matter what you do!


- you can store your CLEAN stone burner and wick in clean 4-in-1-solution. Then when you are ready to light your fragrance lamp, you won't have the usual 20 minute wait [for the wick to soak]

- Our new Stone Burner and Wicks will last approx 6 months or longer with proper care

- DO NOT soak your wicks in cleaning solution to clean them- you are just cleaning the stone, the 'gunk' is then in the cleaning solution and you will then be soaking your stone and wick in DIRTY SOLUTION! NOT GOOD

- DO NOT remove the wire that is across the top of your stone burner!

- a Stone Burner and Wick is not like any standard wick. Do not pull the wick up thru the stone burner like a traditional wick. These wicks are just not made that way and you will ruin your burner and wick.

- to clean your stone burners and fragrance lamp at the same time, burn 4-in-one-solution in your fragrance lamp

- You can use our exotic Onaya Fragrance Fuels in any brand of Catalytic Effusion Fragrance Lamp


Fragrance Lamp Fuel Oil

Fragrance fuel is fragrance oil suspended in an isopropyl alcohol base. This fragrance lamp fuel is the base of the catalytic process which effuses the fragrance into the air.

Wick Assembly

The wick assembly consists of three parts.

1) Stone - The stone is made of a porous, ceramic material which allows it to soak up the fragrance fuel from the wick.

2) Wick - The wick is typically made of cotton and draws fuel from the chamber to the wick.

3) Metal Collar - The metal color connects the stone and wick plus allows the assembly to rest on top of the chamber.

Lamp Chamber

The chamber is the body of fragrance lamp, and holds the fragrance fuel to allow the wick to draw the fuel to the stone.

Snuffing Cap

The snuffing cap is used to safety stop the fragrance process and it prevents fuel from evaporating out of the chamber when not in use.

Decorative Cap

The decorative cap provides decorative accent and function. The cap reduces the likeliness of someone touching the stone while burning.


A small funnel comes with a fragrance lamp. The funnel makes it easier to pour the fuel into the lamp.


The most common accessories for fragrance lamps are decorative plates which are placed underneath the lamp. The plates are used to catch excess fuel which may be spilled when filling the lamp. The plates also provide a decorative accent.


A fragrance lamp releases fragrance while eliminating odors without a continuous flame. Fragrance Lamps release Negative Ions into the air which is essential for healthy breathing. The fragrance burns at about one ounce per hour for a full sized lamp, so it is very economical to use each day.

Fragrance lamp wick assembly - A cotton wick is permanently attached to the stone burner. The wick draws the fragrance fuel from the chamber up to the stone.

The stone burner is made of a porous material which allows it to absorb the fragrance fuel.

The stone must initially be lit for 3-4 minutes. After 3-4, minutes you will extinguish the flame and the catalytic process is then active. Place the decorative, vented lid [the large lid] over the stone burner for the desired amount of time. To "turn the fragrance lamp off" simply remove the deco lid and place the snuffer cap over the stone burner and the lamp will turn off.



The technology behind the fragrance lamp was invented by European scientists in the mid 1800's. The scientists were searching for a method of disinfecting and purifying air. The scientists discovered that using a simple catalytic process (no flame) would accomplish their mission.

This technology was used in a variety of commercial application until the 1930s when it was discovered that fragrance could be added to the fuel used in the catalytic process and the fragrance lamp was born. Wealthy Europeans have been using fragrance lamps for nearly 70 years. The catalytic process causes the fragrance to be effused into the air. This effusion process actually destroys the "stinky" molecules and replaces them with good, healthy smelling molecules.

Fragrance lamp usage in Europe is wide spread. The phenomenon of fragrance lamps only recently begun in the United States.

The popularity of the fragrance lamp market in the US has increased significantly since 2000 as evidenced by the dramatic increase in manufacturers.

mp market in the US has increased significantly since 2000 as evidenced by the dramatic increase in manufacturers.


AND QUALITY ONAYA FRAGRANCE FUEL OILS has an assortment of these fantastic Fragrance Lamps and Fragrance Fuels at the absolute lowest prices!


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      8 years ago

      If you are tired of them not lighting check out the new metal wick over at It lights quicker and won't waste fuel.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      If you are tired of them not lighting check out the new metal wick over at It lights quicker and won't waste fuel.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great topic for a lens, love the black on gray lamp. Very pretty. 5*

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Well crafted lens. I believe in the power of aromatherapy too. Best wishes for you success. Gary Eby, author and therapist.


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