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Cleaning up the Cemeteries and churchyards can save the planet

Updated on October 13, 2014

Funeral customs

Funeral customs are special ceremonies that is performed after a person dies. Throughout history, humankind has developed such customs to express grief, comfort the living, and honor the dead.

The funeral may include prayers, hymns and other music, and speeches called eulogies that recall and praise the person.

The surroundings are very clean, there is no trash or dirty places that can be seen because they maintain the cleanliness.


Mourning is the expression of grief after a death. People in mourning may deny themselves amusement, avoid certain foods, or wear special clothing. They believe death contaminates the survivors and makes them bamboo which is set apart as cursed or sacred and that is how they clean up the cemeteries when it comes to mourning.


Catacombs are systems of underground passages or rooms used a burial places. Most of the well-known catacombs were excavated in the soft tufa rock near Rome which is now located in Italy that is under the territory of European country by the early Christians during the early year of 200's or 300's. The word catacomb was first used as the name of a district near Rome where the chapel of Saint Sebastian was located.

The early catacombs had many rooms, connected by long, narrow halls, or galleries. Usually these measured about 8 feet high and 5 feet wide. They branch off in all directions, and formed a maze of corridors. If more spaces was needed, a second line of galleries was sometimes dug beneath the first. The graves were cut into the walls. Some had arched recesses above them. Others were closed by slabs.

The Christians often used the catacombs for their funeral and memorial services. When the Christians were persecuted, they took refuge there because the catacombs were protected by law.

Cleaning cemeteries

This picture is an example of a clean up cemetery and a Churchyard in Ireland.
This picture is an example of a clean up cemetery and a Churchyard in Ireland. | Source

Background of cemetery

To have a feedback or background of cemetery, readers and viewers must take note that cemetery is a burial ground for the dead. Cemeteries are maintained b churches, private organizations, and government corporations. Many cemetery organizations are guarantee landscaping, and permanent maintenance of the grave, vault or crypt. Statues and monuments often identify burial places. Although, there are some park cemeteries permit only uniform, flat grave markers. Cemeteries for pets may be found in many communities in other countries.

cemeteries and church yards

This coming November 1 and 2 whatever the year will come out, we should remember that this coming All Saints Day and All Soul's day must give time to clean up the cemeteries and church yards to our loved ones.

When we go to the cemeteries to visit the tombs of our departed loved ones, we must make sure that we must not litter the premises. Unknown to many, most cemeteries have escaped pesticide poisoning and have, thus, become natural sanctuaries for many animals and trees.

In fact, many cemeteries and graveyards have become so ecologically diverse that trees, plants and shrubs which we normally do not see grow abundantly in these places.

As a result, the home for the dead people also becomes the home of other living creatures. It is therefore, important to keep the site clean.

Do not eat on the grave sites and scrape away candle wax droppings from tombs and cobblestones. Readers and viewers must remember that cemeteries and churchyards are supposed to be sacred homes for the dead, not party places.


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