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Clever Capitalism and the Manipulation of Liberals

Updated on May 24, 2017

Are modernity and commodity building a generation of idiots? Alternatively, perhaps more sinisterly, a generation of useful idiots? Mollycoddled masses of morons who are consuming more data but are failing to savour that data? One of the greatest ironies of our age is the fact that information is ubiquitous, literally within brushing distance, yet ignorance seems to grow, in particular among those dubbed "Millennials." For a demographic couched in e-interaction since infancy in some cases, they remain painfully unaware - by and large - of their value (or lack thereof) as pawns. I recall watching videos of pro-EU marches last summer after the Brexit vote. Some of the young people interviewed voiced their displeasure at what they saw as being forced to exit, were reduced to tears. Of course, they overlooked their apathy in being key in allowing older people that are more likely to vote to swing the result (thankfully). The vitriol the young poured on their elders was unprecedented, because one of the follies of youth means idealism clouds perceptions of reality.

Confirmation bias, well-off lecturers with tenure and a steady flow of Alumni donations, added to various other money streams equals a good business model that no one is in a hurry to disrupt. With much of this funding in the UK coming to universities via the EU and a myriad of productive partnerships, it is evident that the support for the EU is rooted in campus base camps, full of students who then go into businesses who mostly possess a similar ethos. Pro-EU, Social Justice and Feminism are all convenient methods of dulling a mind, readying it for the large, faceless, corporate world. With all-encompassing philosophies like feminism on campuses, students give society their minds via liberal propaganda, then venture into the working world, where laissez-faire capitalism tells drones in the hive to give corporations their money. Once inculcated, once the chase is over and the kill actioned, you're meaningless fodder under the horseshoe of globalism that used left and right wing on their vulture to pick liberty clean, willing to drag you offboard or reduce you to tears if you oppose their policies. With SJWs picking your bleached bones clean if anyone dares to question the status quo and believe greater nuance exists in a once interesting world of difference people and different views. A saying goes: "Everything in moderation." Capitalism and Socialism possess beneficial traits, but both of them need tempering to make sure that they work best in concert, rather than against each other.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      17 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting read.


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