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Quantum of Climate Anomalies

Updated on August 10, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

If It's True That We Attract Those Persistent Contents of Our Hearts to Our Reality---Why Not Make Them Beautiful?
If It's True That We Attract Those Persistent Contents of Our Hearts to Our Reality---Why Not Make Them Beautiful?

Reality or Non-Reality of the Global Warming

Lately I have been trying in my writings to separate those much talked about concepts of climate change, global warming, and polluted environment. After facing enough non-conclusive evidence about some causative connection between them, I couldn't find in myself enough panicking tendencies to persist with the hypothetical global warming.

Metaphorically speaking, I am capable of creating a vivid image of a beast in front of myself, but that image alone is not enough to make me run for my life. Likewise, I would need a proof for which there wouldn't be a mass of counter-arguments from some bona fide scholars in order to believe in a reality of a global warming.

While talking about reality, I recently got a comment on my article on climate topic which ended with words: "Get real."

Now, we all know that reality is about something that IS happening, and it has to be proven; whereas there is an infinite number of those things that are NOT happening which don't need a proof for "not existing".

With the burden of proof being on those who claim that there IS a global warming going on, how can they prove it without cherry picking from all those pros and cons, all provided by some fine academics?

Thus, debunkers of global warming don't have to "get real" by believing in something for which a definite proof doesn't exist. On the other hand, those proponents of global warming could, logically, "get real" by abandoning the non-reality of something unprovable.

Variations in climatic patterns have been recorded from times when there was hardly any pollution to be noticed anywhere on earth except as a result of a volcanic eruption.

What further makes the notion of a global warming very questionable is the theory of certain well qualified climatologists who are actually contending that we are facing a possibility of a global cooling---not warming.

While thinking about all this matter and using my favorite method of introducing a fresh angle of seeing things, I intuitively hit upon a possibility of climatic anomalies being of our make---however, not by polluting our environment with trash, but with our collective accumulation of negative thoughts, emotions, and attitudes.

Which, of course, brings us to the weird world of quantum.

With Even Sports Events Going Violent, What's the Next Way for Us to Discharge Our Emotional Crap?
With Even Sports Events Going Violent, What's the Next Way for Us to Discharge Our Emotional Crap?

On That Tiniest of the Tiniest Realms

I am about to propose a possibility of a causative connection between the quality of the mass-mentality prevailing in all aspects of coexistence---whether social, political, economic, or religious---and these observable spikes of irregularities in the weather patterns.

Barring the possibility that someone has been playing with Tesla's technology which could bring natural disasters to politically unfriendly countries--- and then screwed up in his experiment by making it a global issue---our minds are capable of doing it all.

Since I gave you a fair announcement that all this is supposed to be merely an intuitive speculation, please don't ask for "proofs", or for "scientific references". To further reduce my credibility, I am not a meteorologist, a quantum physicist---not even a shaman who would talk about a connection between mind and the laws of nature.

Now, glad to have put this behind us, here I go with my intuiting. I can't remember where I read about it, but allegedly there were some exceptionally nasty weather patterns in the whole duration of the WW2. Particularly some very harsh winters.

Not that it served as an inspiration for writing this article, but it merely made more possible this idea of a massive mental negativism affecting the weather. As you can see by now, I am totally buying the theorizing of modern physics about everything manifest and non-manifest being merely a realm of inseparable energy patterns only experienced by our five senses as material.

On that level, which got the name "quantum", meaning "how much?", and pertaining to the tiniest of the tiniest state of matter which is flickering in and out of existence---our thoughts, and especially our emotions could be playing a more significant part than we may be willing to imagine.

Namely, in that soup of energies, our thoughts and emotions have been demonstrated to create an electromagnetic fields that reach far away from their source, brain and heart. Particularly our heart with its emotions is allegedly producing such a field which is "hundred times" stronger than that one of the brain.

Connecting those dots, how can we but not suspect that our collective consciousness with so much crap accumulated over the issues of an unfriendly coexistence---has affected other systems around us, notably our climate.

How Much Is There in the Space Around Us That We Don't Know---Which Responds to Our States of Mind and Heart?
How Much Is There in the Space Around Us That We Don't Know---Which Responds to Our States of Mind and Heart?

Our Invisible Mental Responsibility

Try to imagine---as I am doing---this colossal dynamics of energies and particles in their orchestration of the reality which we are experiencing as solid, and which kept us for a long time within the constricts of Newtonian laws and its causalities.

Try to see that other, quantum reality from which stems everything, while we hear physicists saying how "what doesn't meet the eye is more real than that which does", and "reality is stranger than fiction, and much stranger than we are even capable of imagining".

From that platform comes this intuitive speculation of mine, which plainly states that we, humans are screwing our environment royally by our massive animosities, intolerances, hate and fear.

Additionally turning our environment into a trash site is one of the most unforgivable aspects of human stupidity, only violence taking the first place. What comes almost as inconceivable is this gigantic contrast between otherwise high values generated by our level of cultural evolution---and this barbaric disrespect for our world which is not even matched by animals who are blending so well with the natural laws of preservation.

Quantum physicists are telling us that ours is a "participatory" universe---and no one is exempt from contributing to the computation of our reality. On the small scale of our individual biology, our telomeres---those DNA indicators of our aging rate---get longer or shorter depending on the predominant thoughts, emotions, and attitudes we maintain in our "intimate climate".

Then it spreads outwards into the realm equally fluid as our bodies are, and equally dependent on the nature of our predominant thinking, emoting, and our attitudinal positionality towards the world.

Allegedly, some physicists detected some unusual spikes of energy during the tense anticipation of O.J. Simpson's verdict, with the whole world following that courtroom drama.

Indeed, the mystery of man and his world has hardly been scratched by either science or philosophy, and while we are so generously spending astronomical funds for exploration of the outer space, that space between our ears is still, by comparison, kept on the back burner.

In the World of Natural Simplicity Maybe We Could Find an Inspiration for Living
In the World of Natural Simplicity Maybe We Could Find an Inspiration for Living

Like in Mental Climate---so in Earth's Climate

Inspired by this new physics which talks about an entanglement of everything in existence, how can we ignore this possibility that our climate is majorly affected by energy fields generated by our fears of terrorism and terrorists' hate, our grabbing every opportunity to go publicly negative, and the rest of our unholy behavior.

That along with those unsubstantiated claims and predictions of alarmists about a garden variety of doomsday events ranging from a WW3 to a collision with a mythological planet, to global economic crush, to cataclysmic calamities---and what else from our pathetic pessimistic repertoire.

If stress is affecting our body, if a thought of a juicy lemon makes us salivate, if an erotic imagined scene arouses us physically---with all other examples of thoughts and emotions affecting our physique---why would it look too farfetched to assume that a mass of six billion people with a crappy mentality can affect the nature around us?

Some time ago someone objected to my mention of "normalcy" by saying: "There is no such a thing as normal"---to which I responded with: "Yes, there is; it's normal to know what we want and then not sabotage its realization in any way".

Time and time again, our cultural fathers have made clear those values which are worthy of our human dignity. What stays unclear is the fact that our global leaders are disregarding those values by catering to the interests of those richest who are refusing to switch to the environmentally friendly solutions.

Equally unclear is the fact of their continuous getting away with lying to their people to get their votes and then doing everything in their Book of Deceit to spend the taxpayers' money on anything but those basic human needs like a free medical care and a low cost of living.

On top of that, with their capricious foreign policies they keep their people in a constant anxiety over possible terror or yet another war. With all that going on, it's a small wonder that people are generating those massive negative energies possibly responsible for everything in material reality, including the climate.

People are inherently good, it's only that they get indoctrinated by social, political, and religious prejudices which make them operate within less than normal models of psycho-physical functioning.

In my vision of a global normalcy I see only one solution---everybody waking up about what we are doing to ourselves and to our world and go more positive. Why not try? With more of us thinking, and especially feeling positively we might even be able to disperse a cloud or two, or replace a tornado with a breeze.

If we don't try, how will we ever know what else we are capable of?


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 3 months ago from Canada

      Catherine---You took it wrong, pretty girl. I was absolutely delighted to receive a compliment from a fine and intelligent young lady like yourself. And if you ever notice anything worth complimenting in my scribblings---I'll always appreciate it.

      I simply wanted to appear humble and modest by saying that I "don't see anything special about my perceptive mind." Sometimes that's the way I respond to compliments, that's all.

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 3 months ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      Gosh, I apologize for the compliment, Val. I had no idea it would be construed as a mindless insult. I'll leave you to your 'original thoughts' from now on.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 3 months ago from Canada

      John---While I am not either a chemist or a medical scientist, I am under this (possibly wrong) impression that people are confusing carbon dioxide for carbon monoxide, which is the one that's deadly.

      You are also right about CO2 being beneficial for plants which inhale it---just as we exhale it with every breath, so, in my layman's understanding it can't be all that "toxic" if we need it to balance our brain's chemistry with oxygen.

      And you are right about the governments' manipulation of the public mood by always keeping a high level of anxiety in people, so they "cling to the Big Daddy for protection and don't criticize his sins".

      I like your mind John, you are much more than a great poet.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 3 months ago from Canada

      Stella---I totally understand that you have found all proofs you needed about all that's bad about the climate change issue in that good doctor's work. You are certainly not alone in that conviction.

      However, let's not see it as a "problem" that some folks use other sources of equally scientific information to draw some different conclusions.

      After all, we are just talking about the weather, not about our political orientation here, so it doesn't really matter that people have different opinions, right?

      For, don't take me wrong, but I honestly don't see any of the believers in global warming getting rid of their cars and buying bicycles to go to work---because "they feel so much for protecting the environment". Not everybody is a David Suzuki.

      At this phase, it's all more about "talking" and convincing one another---than it is about "doing" something to stick to our beliefs.

      In any case, I appreciate your comment, and ---by all means--keep your convictions.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 3 months ago from Canada

      Catherine---Thank you for praising words and for your interesting comment. Now, as you surely know, how much we have read--- quantitatively--- on any topic doesn't matter, it's what we do with it that matters, how we compute it together with other information and our own observations to cook our own conclusions.

      In my 72 trips around the sun I have read some over thousand non-fiction books dealing with one or another aspect of human nature.

      But then, I don't know what's in another thousand that I haven't read, so it's all relative "how much we know on a subject".

      Think of those zen koans consisting of a single sentence which, once deciphered, open a whole new realization about a life truism. Only one sentence, not long lectures may say so much. Like that koan: "What is the sound of a falling tree in the forest with no one around to hear it?"

      Once when you have created new algorithms and new neural pathways in your brain to process the reality in out-of-the-box fashion, many people will naturally disagree with your ideas, because you are never "on the same page" with them.

      With their linear thinking they are "intellectual followers", not sovereign, dehypnotized, free thinkers. So they will always mention this or that "authority" who may have stolen those ideas from another "authority", and neither may be correct, or are only partially correct. The culture market is full of this copycatting. I always took a chance of ending up wrong, but at least it's all mine. And so it is with this topic.

      But, that is O.K., Catherine, we all have our intellectual individuality, and I am not "entitled" to people's agreeing with me.

      In this matter of climate deviations from statistically-normal I am not here to "lecture" anyone, convince anyone---I am merely expressing my own opinion. And that will stay that way.

      This may be something "new" to people who are used to "outsmarting", and who think that I have s0mething against their convictions in this matter. Well, I don't.

      So, while I am grateful for your words of praise, I don't see anything "special" about my "perceptive mind" as you call it. Just being myself.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 months ago from Queensland Australia

      What a great article, Val. Oddly, I hadn't thought about the effects on climate before but this gives the concept of "man-made climate change" more credibility. Our Goverments and those in power have always seen the need to have the people fearful or worrying about something to avert eyes and minds from the unsavoury practices they engage in. Though, I believe climate change is real I have never thought of man's action as causing it, just contributing. Increased CO2 emissions is the least of the problems..plants breath it in.

    • Stella Kaye profile image

      Stella Kaye 3 months ago

      Great article. Have you read the works of Dr Guy Mcpherson? If you read his works and view some of his presentations, it will give you a keen insight into how bad the situation with climate change really is. It's all on the Internet. His findings are based on facts and he has no personal agenda.

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 3 months ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      You have an obviously perceptive mind, Val. Exploration of the contrast in this world to create the expansions of our individual souls, the space-time 'reality' that we live in, and 'all that is' - is the purpose of our lives.

      Law of Attraction (which is what you are indirectly talking about) is a Universal law that our world was created upon; and it is the main reason why our world is in chaos - because most people don't understand how we create our realities from either an individual perspective or collective ones. But, it is knowledge that is currently increasing among people...

      All the contrast & chaos we create around us is meant to help us 'become' in this world. It is a slow-developing process that has been happening since the day this planet started coming to life, and it continues.

      You've got many (if not most) of your observations correct in here - not bad, if you haven't done much reading on the subject. The LoA is so simple and natural, it really doesn't need to be explained - as you have observed, we can SEE how connected things are around us (like the weather in WWII you were talking about).

      That weather likely developed because of a concentration of consciousness' FIGHTING within a small area instead of being as spread out around the globe, as is normally the case. In other words, the storms came hard & heavy because that was how the people were feeling in those places. The storms were a direct reflection of 'the collective consciousness' of the people.

      We attract our realities by what we broadcast to the Universe through our emotions - which are the result of beliefs, comprised of thoughts. For instance, groups of people across the world who are Christians and BELIEVE that they (and all the rest of us) are 'unworthy sinners' - and think a lot about that aspect of things, causing 'unworthy' emotions - probably don't attract nearly as much 'good stuff' as people who have a free-er perspective about themselves.

      Emotions are FAR more important than we realize - they are the navigation system for the soul. I know you've read my loooong 1st spotlight hub, Val. But, I have recently added a detailed explanation of emotions and how they work in our lives to create our realities. If you scroll down to the end past the 'crossroads' heading - you'll find it.

      Again, if you haven't done a whole lot of studying on this and came to these conclusions - Wow! Well done. :)