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Climate Injustice & Racism Against Blacks, Native Americans & Latinos

Updated on August 20, 2015

The Environmental Abuse Against People of Color

We always turn on the Smartphone and see the headlines about guns, violence and drugs in the inner cities but never do we hear about the other toxic threat to blacks, Native Americans and Latinos and that is the threat of toxic substance abuse being pimped out by oil, gas and coal corporations.

In areas of Louisiana State, where I am originally from, not only do climate change and polluting corporations have a death grip on black and poor towns, but entire towns, like Mossville, La. have toxic plastic producing chemical companies that have simply taken entire populations, of blacks, off of the map.

Even after some of these toxic chemical companies closed themselves down (because they certainly weren’t being forced by the state government or EPA); we now see more climate change causing chemical companies popping up in Louisiana, some are based out of South Africa and using outdated and dangerous technology based off of science created in the 1930’s by Hitler and Nazi.

Being from the Deep South, where issues of respiratory health and cancer rates are mostly a side-effect of environmental abuse by climate change causing corporations; I also see the same thing in black and Latino & Asian areas of Los Angeles Metro.

  • We have the Sriracha Plant that was causing mas illness for years, in a predominately Latino area of L.A. Metro and now we see that the EPA caused spill, in Colorado and New Mexico, is mostly affecting Native American.

In areas of Central Los Angeles, we see out dated oil refineries and even in some of the more ritzy areas of Black Los Angeles, we see fracking by natural gas corps. That are injecting toxic chemicals into the neighborhood along with causing shakes that destroyed the foundation of homes in areas of L.A. Metro like Baldwin Hills.

Fracking uses huge amounts of water and not only is fracking out of control in California, a state under a severe drought, but fracking has drained entire lakes in parts of Texas. It is corporate abuse of water, along with Climate Change Weather Patterns, which has hit California and taken this state to the point of no return.

Everyone should be respectful of minorities that work in the US Congress and Senate but I do understand why the black and brown youth are filled with a street rage against the system. Everything bad that this country has to offer, appears to be affecting them in an unbalanced manner.

Many Congress people are highly intelligent, like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, but many are also isolated in their own D.C. world. What climate change polluting corporations do, as a strategy, is hide everything in sub-committees. We never hear a broad discussion as a group of country-men because every single issue, is delegated to sub-committees.

Many of these Congressional Sub-Committees, which are used by the energy sector, are headed up by people in states like Texas, but yet their decisions affect people of color in South Central Los Angeles, Ca.

President Obama has always talked about the environment but only now has he really used his powers to bring together a global coalition of elites to actually kick some butt. We have agendas that are Blue and Red State friendly but we need Republicans and Democrats to work together.

This isn't right nor is this fair & when the people on the streets of America, start looking for global leaders; we can expect that both Republicans and Democrats will kick their own butts in gear, to start working on common sense policy, like Climate Fees & Dividends.

In conclusion, environmental injustice is just as much about racism as the for-profit prison industrial complex.

EPA Spill


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