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Cold Weather and Snow

Updated on December 25, 2010

Cold weather Hazzards

Merry Christmas everyone. Tis the time of year when all creatures big and small are on their best behavior and my basset hound Wacker is no exception. He eagerly awaits Santa Claus. Since the last time I wrote about him his heart throb Ellie moved. We moved three months later. We moved to the suburbs and a different surrounding. I know he misses her as well as the boxer twins he intimidated on a daily basis. The biggest dog around us so far appears to be some sort of terrier mix. Whatever it is I swear the dog has a bad hair day on a daily basis. Yet Wacker still loves to walk me. He struts around as if he is captain of the neighborhood watch. I am a life long Hoosier but lived in Arkansas almost five years. Wacker was born there and this is his second winter in Indiana. My arthritic hips, lower back and my one good knee are no match for this cold weather and snow, but at least my under carriage is not three inches from the ground. To make matters worse Wacker is a male and some parts are closer. My ever suffering wife, who has to put up with the two of us found him a sweater and a matching neck scarf to keep some parts of his body warm. One would think it would embarrass a male of his stature to wear something so dorky but he will not go out without it. I caught him eying the sweat pants of a doll my wife had sitting on a small rocker under a window. He kept looking at the doll and looking at me and would not move. I had to set down on the floor and try to explain to him just how impracticable it would be for him to wear them. I am not sure he understood. As we watched our nightly dose of Katie Couric, me in my chair and him on his cube we were bombarded by commercials. One commercial was a dog walking on his hind legs wearing pants. He made me rewind the DVR and pause it on that frame. Again I tried in vain to explain to him that it was all show. He just shook his head. I told him maybe Santa could make him sweat pants if continued to be good. I gave the task to my wife to create a pair of sweats for him that would cover most areas but leave openings in the correct places. As a fail safe I reminded him that he had not been a real good dog this year the way he scared those boxers and every other dog that dared look at him without his permission. Santa would take all the rowdy behavior in consideration. I also told him that the dog on the television could stand on his back legs and that was why he wore pants. Try as he might the laws of physics do not allow a body stretched out as his and walking on such short legs to rise up and walk on two legs. He grumbles about it especially behind my back because he thinks I can't hear him but I know he will never be able to do it. At least I hope he doesn't because I will be the one pulling down his pants when ever he commands me to do so. It is bad enough I have to bag the remains of his Kibble and Bits although they don't in any way shape or form resemble what went in the other end and dispose of the mess. It was easier raising our four children


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    • Lucky Cats profile image


      7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      What a cute and affectinate tale of your dog Wacker and how he rules the roost! A very fun hub to, I will have to go back and read your others leading up to this one. UP and FUNNY

    • DTroth profile image

      Diana Owens 

      7 years ago from My Little Hole In The Wall, HubPages, USA

      I love Wacker. He's so cute with his big, floppy ears. (:

      I give all of our dogs wrapped Christmas presents every year and they all LOVE to tear 'em up to get to the ummies or toys inside.

      Cute story. (:



    • alzel127 profile imageAUTHOR

      Alex Zelahy 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      I am so glade that you write these stories because you are one crazy but funny writer. you are the one to make me laugh at your funny stories. I love you with all my heart and i will always love you forever,and always. You are the best papa I could ever have in my life. You rock and I hope you habe a wonderful christmas with me and everyone else. Love,

      Alexandria Brooks


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