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Collapsing Time In a Perceptual World

Updated on January 30, 2013
Like sands in the hour glass, or more appropriately...drops of the waterfall.
Like sands in the hour glass, or more appropriately...drops of the waterfall.

Perceptual Shifts

This is a tricky concept to contemplate, and even trickier to explain and perhaps allow another person to experience. This is my challenge and I certainly do love a challenge.

We live in a perceptual world which is constantly fed input from our senses. This isn't a surprise to anyone...we know this. However, our mind gets locked into specific structures of belief because our world seems so stable, when in fact, our world is in constant motion.

I want to use this waterfall picture as a visual tool. The waterfall encompasses all that it is - water falling over the side of a cliff. It is the drops spraying out, the streams flowing down and the fullness of the energy being generated from its motion. From a shift in perspective, this is a living entity with little perceived consciousness.

Human beings aren't so different than this as we live in constant motion. We have blood circulating in the body, air filtering through the lungs, food processing through our digestion...we are not solid immobile objects. Nothing on the planet is in solid stationery form but our minds don't see it that way.

Moving toward a vision of collapsing time from a space of all things are in motion, I have to leap outside of a normal box and present in a logical format.

In 2006, for 60 days in the months of June and July, I owned 3 homes. I had just purchased a double with the intention of completely gutting the home and turning it into a single unit in order to resell it, hopefully at a profit. I was living in a second home approximately 14 blocks from where the investment property was located. It was an old Victorian with built in bookcases, hard wood floors, and glass doors separating the dining room from the living room, and an enclosed front porch. And, I was simultaneously still holding title with my ex-boyfriend on a home we had purchased 9 years prior, even though we had not been a couple for 4 years by this time.

I owned 3 houses. What in the world is one person doing owning 3 house, in the same city? It wasn't logical but nothing in my life is; or, it is, but it is abstract logic. If you look at my life similarly to the waterfall, it is one stream of experiential flow. It also encompasses all that the life experience is meant to be in order to be its complete wholeness. In my life at that time, 3 homes were what made my life complete.

It also allowed me to learn a concrete concept in collapsing time by shifting my perception. I could not have said this during that time because I would not have had the perception to grasp it. Now, on the backside of the realization, it is much simpler to comprehend. My past was the home with my ex, my present was the Victorian home, and my future...little did I know at the time, was the investment property.

Through a series of events, I was refinancing to get myself off of the old (property) as I was entering in to the purchase of the new (home). I was living in the present (home). As I sit today, I am living in the double which has now become a single home and still in the midst of repairs. Both of the other homes have become a part of my past.

For 60 days though, I was suspended between 3 homes. Collapsing time if you will by experiencing versions of my life as past, present and future converged in one space.

I had many experiences during that summer which had my timelines converging upon itself. I spent a good portion of the next year feeling as if my future self had reached back in time and was dragging me forward by the front of the shirt. I saw an incident occur where the motion of time had literally stopped and I was viewing probably realities based on my choices.

All of the actions in my life were specifically designed so I could experience THAT one moment and see my future existing simultaneously with my present and my past. It's a rare glimpse and even more difficult to integrate.

Similar to the snapshot of the waterfall...I had a set of experiences that essentially freeze framed a moment of my life. The waterfall is all that I had described it above, but it has now also become a photo, an image in my mind, and an experience within my sense of being. Just as the experience of the 3 homes has equally translated to a moment of flow where the collapsing of time became a frozen snapshot for me.

It is a subtle shift in perception. We take that which appears to be in motion and stop its flow in time, or reverse the stationery memory and move it back into the flow we call life. We have streams of experience that cross over itself all the time, we simply are not well versed at slipping into the observer of our life while we are simultaneously being the participant.


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    • MzChaos profile image

      MzChaos 6 years ago from Indianapolis

      Thank you, Denise. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with Hub pages...making money would be nice, but I was really more interested in finding a format where I could get what was in my head out where someone else could see it. I journal but nobody sees those.

      I am glad they are not too complicated to read...I have a few other things that need to be written and then I may go back and try to break them down into smaller bites for people. I really appreciate the comments.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Interesting hub, again. I am not a physics major (or minor) but understand the concept of timelessness. In my meditation practice this concept is constantly being challenged. The ordinary mind wants to hang onto the beliefs that it has to be a certain way, but the experience of the deeper reality is the lace of time in the Universe. It is mind boggling at times (no pun intended) and the expansiveness that is experienced can hardly be put into words.

      I liked your analogy of the three houses representing the places / phases of your life. Nicely written.