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Manhattan College Jaspers B-Ball Player

Updated on January 21, 2012

Manhattan College Jaspers


Learning the Ropes

College life is tough if it's done alone without the help of your peers, not stating that it can't be done alone, but if you learn to network with folks it will definitely make the task much more worth while.

Take it from actual learned experiences I've had on campus & off campus like you will see here in just a few sentences after this intro paragraph. I loved the entire first week of college the most, because the feeling of not knowing what's ahead of you, to me is the best. The anticipation of what's to come, the blind ignorance of the many.

Many people there who were in the exact same position as me, all took to their new experience of college, in very differing ways. I guess that part spell's "Adaptation", and some people are far more keen to situational awareness then others.

I think being adaptable to ones surroundings, tends to originate from many prior experiences one might have had, prior to engaging in a somewhat new experience. For instance, back at the very first night I was in the Chrysostom dorm. I met a great deal of people who all seemed much more advanced than me, especially in the sex (knowledge) department. I was a virgin at that time, so I didn't have a great deal of experience dealing with the opposite sex. Many of the guys I met were all joking around in the student lounge that night, all about girls they dated & stuff they had done with them.

All I could do is try to pretend that I knew what they were actually talking about, so I could escape being noticed somehow & it worked too. The fact that I actually had no experience on the subject, was something that had puzzled me, I thought to myself "Darn, maybe I need to find out more about sex myself, and not just what I was taught in sex ed class." It was my first dosage of college peer pressure 101 I guess, but it felt good, I must admit I was actually in a place where I was no longer afraid to explore things I only dreamed of doing. Boy was I in for an experience of a life time, but for now it was just the first week. That was how my very first night went in the dorms, and so I knew I had a great deal to look forward to there after.

Draddy Gymnasium & First intro to NCAA Division 1 Basketball


The Gymnasium was the number one place to be

I arrived at the Gym the same day I ventured off into the campus. I actually had a great deal of experience dealing with gym activities, so I made sure to be well equipped before making it there of course, with my sneakers, my gym shorts & my A game. Getting to the gym was very simple, it was located at the upper portion of the college campus, & I had to climb a huge stair case which I loved doing at times. As a youth I was a work out feen, so running, climbing, and jumping was something I had enjoyed doing as a kid, especially in high school. Being a city kid, high school was really all about learning and the gym for me, so getting to college meant a world of gymnasium experiences for me & definitely basketball.

When I first hit the basketball court to my surprise it was a lot larger in dimensional size than I had previously imagined, this court was filled with people walking back & fourth to & from their dorm. I just wanted to shoot some hoops so I ran to the location to get a ball, and just couldn't wait to take my very first shot. That first shot marked the day that I would grace my presence onto the very gymnasium that would eventually house thousands of fans seeking viewing pleasure of the Manhattan division one NCAA basketball team. "The Jaspers".

I always had a dream that one day I would make it to the NBA, and that this gym would be my ticket there, & in a way it was, because it was the very place where I discovered the secrets to the game of Basketball. Well, I never really made it to the NBA, or at least not yet, but that didn't matter to me as much as all the hours I spent in the gym practicing, and practicing, and practicing. I actually practiced more of my basketball skills then the actual basketball team did, because I only had school work to worry about & wasn't put on a set schedule like they all were.

Little did I know that three years later I was gonna get approached by the Manhattan Jaspers Head Coach. He asked me if I wanted to try out for the team to become one of the teams first walk-ons that year, & he gave me a personal try-out. I was only missing one ingredient that would have made me the star I dreamed of becoming & that was stamina, which I truly had no clue would cost me my basketball dreams at the time. Stamina in any sport is a crucial element to have in order to withstand the enduring bodily movements & severe physical strain a person may experience in participating in such intense activities.

Game Time


This One armed B-Ball player is proof of Jasper power in Draddy

Jasper Basketball - Is Fantastic

I use to love watching the Manhattan Jaspers play basketball, this NCAA D-1 team when I was in college around 1993 was serious. Their head coach at the time was Coach Franscilla, I forgot what his first name was, but oh well I guess I can google it. LOL. The important part for me was in how the teams chemistry was actually formulated, and how they displayed such a powerful presence on the court throughout all the years I was there.

I got the opportunity to actually participate in their pre-season cross training with them, even though I had no scholarship for basketball, or the fact that I weren't even on the team. I think they liked my motivation, so the head coach allowed me to run with them every morning at 6am before the school day began.

This to my surprise was something that made me believe, that my dreams of making it in the basketball arena would finally come true one day. They use to run 2.5 miles every morning 6 days a week, climb stairs, do crunches, & weight training later on in the mid day before lunch. This was something I enjoyed a great deal, because in high school I never did any basketball cross training, and the only running I did was while playing pick-up games in the school gym.

Over the years I developed a skill on the court that definitely demanded attention, but I reckon I had no experience playing at the team level with any team for that matter, but my personal ability was extraordinary, especially my leaping ability & shooting. This was definitely noticed by everyone who had entered into the gymnasium from the years of 1993 till 1997. Getting on the team no longer bothered me because I had achieved a level of skill that even surprised all the team players, especially because I wasn't on the team with them, but I could compete with them on every level. We use to shoot around all the time, joke, laugh, & play one on one, as well as three on three all the time each year.

I just wish we had the technology we have today such as camera phones, so y'all could see some awesome footage of this experience, because I was definitely one of Manhattan College's unheard of legends as a student who was over motivated to become a Jasper Team member, but never made it. A great hopeful like in the football movie Rudy, people use to cheer me on as they walked by to their dorm rooms, even my college professor of the civil engineering department was rooting for me, each and every year. I never quit, I was resilient and discovered something in myself that not many people find & that is the internal power to believe beyond the point of dis-belief in something that I can achieve.

The Lady Jaspers at NJIT Tournament

The Manhattan College Jaspers has an amazingly powerful history of Women's Basketball great talented players, by watching this video above which was filmed at the NJIT tournament early this year back in Jan 2011, you will see how awesome & competitive Jasper Division-I basketball truly is even till this very day & ever since I was a freshmen back in 1993.

It was simply the best experience I've ever had watching real life college basketball, with front seat privileges, since being a student their meant you could experience knowing the players & enjoying the pleasure of their hard work being displayed on the Ball court that you've dreamed of playing on yourself.

The Manhattan College Jasper Basketball players of many years past, were all my role models and still to this day are my unseen hero's, because basketball is not just a sport to me, its also a way of life & college was that portal to living a real dream for 4 years of my life, & boy can I tell you it was a Fantastic!!! experience.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks J Mack for the response.

    • profile image

      J Mack 

      6 years ago

      Great story!


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