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Who is your role model? (Essay)

Updated on October 29, 2014
In your everyday life, does David Beckham really influence your behaviour in classes, extracurricular activities, relationships and aspirations?
In your everyday life, does David Beckham really influence your behaviour in classes, extracurricular activities, relationships and aspirations? | Source

Role models, values and beliefs are hot topics amongst the college admission and scholarship interviewers.

It is so common for college admission essays to include the question “Who is your role model?”

To start off by sharing my experience (and perhaps you can take reference for your college admission essays):

Teachers who possess exceptional qualities can be great role models!
Teachers who possess exceptional qualities can be great role models! | Source

Who is your role model?

A role model is one whom I can seek guidance and motivation from. I would want to learn and adopt the virtues from my role model.

My role model is my high school chemistry tutor, Mr. Summers. I remembered that when I received my year-end results, I got the biggest shock of my life. I attained an E grade in chemistry. But what I remembered most was the expression on Mr. Summers face after I asked him a question that day. I asked him, “If I work much harder, do you think I could get an A?” His response was not what I was expecting, and he replied, “Absolutely!” It was one simple word but the look of genuine compassion and empathy would forever help me realize how unique he was. From that day on, I was motivated to study chemistry. I set my goal to work as hard as I could to repay the faith he entrusted to me.

Mr. Summers gives personal attention to all of his students. He is a great combination of kindness and strictness. Ahead of my finals, he would readily agree to meet me for consultation an hour before the start of my lessons. However, he would insist that I conslidate my quries beforehand. He would even test my knowledge by giving me assessments before I can consult him on chemistry concepts.

Mr. Summers thought me a lot more than just chemistry; he believed in holistic education and undertook the responsibility of our personal development. He believes that the school is more than just hitting the books. I can still fondly remember his quote “minimum input, maximum output”. He proactively red up on effective studying methods to impart this valuable knowledge to us. One of the valuable studying techniques I learnt is to create mind-maps to conslidate my knowledge. I have also learnt to priortize my work and handle stress when I feel overwhelmed. These studying methods will be extremely useful for me to juggle my studies, community service and extrcurricular activities maturely in college.

Mr. Summers is passionate about chemistry and has an in-depth knowledge of chemistry. Chemistry becomes alive in his classes. He has the ability to draw our attention and interest to the subject. Mr. Summers conducts various experiments in the class to make it easier for us to digest and understand topics like organic chemistry. He believes that conducting experiments will allow us to visualise and recall the mundane chemical equations.

Mr. Summers has influenced me tremendously in life. He taught me that no matter what your goal is, hard work, persistence and staying motivated will allow me to achieve it. I live by these principles in whatever I accomplish in life.


So, what's your story?

I'd love to hear the stories on your role models. You can share your perspective by commenting below.

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