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College Admission Essays-A Guide

Updated on July 18, 2012

Tips to write an effective and quality College Admission Essay

Don’t wait for the Crunch Time

Start early. Starting early means that you have a considerable amount of time to think about the topic you want to write on as well as the luxury of having time to correct your mistakes which isn’t the case if you start late.

Parental guidance

Your parents know how good you are, but as it is they can’t tell this to the administrators face to face. This essay gives you the opportunity to give your parents thoughts about your talent a voice.

Pick a specific topic

Selecting a good topic is very important. If you choose a topic that has little to write about would not help your cause neither will a topic which is way too general. Be specific in your approach. For instance, if you choose a life changing incident, describing the incident is as much important as the reason to how it brought a definite change in your life.

Think about the possible topics and whichever topic you think has the most potential as well as your area of interest, select that very topic.

Specify what you want to cover

Now, you need to specify what you want to include in the college admission essay. Rack your brain for ideas. Write down whichever point seems suitable then you can circle out the major points and cross what you don’t want to cover after giving every point a second thought.

The Beginning of your essay

The opening paragraph really sets the tone for the rest of the essay and an impressive start to your essay will always give you a very good first impression. Mostly, you can start off with a meaningful quotation that suits your topic. You can also start off your essay with a detailed explanation of an important incident of your life. Make sure to let it be written in such a way that the reader feels a part of the audience and can easily imagine what you have written in words.

A Rough compilation

After having thought of the key points you want to include, you can start writing a rough essay. Since this isn’t your final essay, you can have the luxury of editing it afterwards. Write as if you are having a conversation with your best friend, this would let your inner feelings come out in all honesty, a very important factor of any good college admission essay.

Critical analysis of the essay

Recheck the essay, see that you have included most of your key points or not. Do you find the essay well-organized and interesting? Does it really tell about you? You can also check whether you have been repetitive at some areas or not. Most of the students end up not writing about themselves but about the one whom they think would be the ideal student for the administrators. Be assured that your personality in its own self stands out and that writing about yourself is the real motive of the college admission essay.

Prepare the Final Draft

Rewriting the essay would help your cause big time. After all the editing, rewriting the edited essay would help you read it without all the cuts and pastes. Taking an opinion from your English teacher or your school administrator would make it all the more better. Their opinions can also help you analyze whether the essay is telling much about you or not, whether it is too serious or too hilarious.


After everyone’s opinions are heard and changes done accordingly, you can check for the little mistakes here and there yourself. A missing word from a sentence can give it a whole new meaning, so be sure to make your finished college admission essay look flawless. Taking help from a friend or a sibling is also advisable.

A final look

Read it for the last time, does your heart feel strong about it? It surely should.


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    • sunasia22 profile image

      sunasia22 5 years ago from Philippines

      Voted up! another useful hub for students.

    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 5 years ago from USA

      This is great advice for students! Voted Up and Useful!