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College Essentials-Saving on top of Savings!

Updated on August 28, 2010

Dorm Shopping & Textbooks

If you don't have the time to go to Target, Walmart or any other places to get your dorm essentials, then try online shopping...with a twist.  First off, online shopping saves gas money, avoids any long lines, and many places may provide free shipping.  And this does not only go for dorm essentials but for books as well.

Check out this site: BigCrumbs

This site has most of the major retailers (Target, Dell, American Eagle) as well as eBay, (textbook store), and many other discounted online sites.  With this site, if you have a Paypal account, you can earn a small percentage of your purchase.  From experience, I have used this site for over a year, and they will pay you at a minimum threshold of $5.  The payout percentages vary from store to store, but most major retailers will provide around 4% on average.  If you are buying books from, and your total is around $300, then you would receive $12, just for going through this site!  Unfortunately, there are no loyalty programs of this kind that I could find that supports Amazon.  I have bought multiple purchases through this site, and I have been satisfied time and time again.

So, on top of saving money on gas, you can save money just by going through this site, possibly getting free shipping, and possibly using special online discounts!  For most college students, this is a small incentive to put some extra cash in your pocket while slightly reducing emissions by not going to the physical store :) .

Just a Few College Essentials to Consider...some not so essential :)

You might not be able to find some of these products from Bigcrumbs retailers.


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