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College Feels Like

Updated on May 4, 2016

Going to college requires a lot of decision-making. This thought frightens me. What if I chose the wrong path? What if I would excel more on the path that I did not get to choose? What if I won’t be able to last here? I am usually a negative person. But I admit, being a pessimist does not really help.

As I get to talk to adults, there are things that I gather up right. College is not just about what you are good at, but it is about what you wanted to be and be successful at it. Hearing all their advices, it encourages me; like all of a sudden I am so eager to start college and reach for my dreams.

I know college (and even things after that) will be tough and it will continue to be tough as I approach the different levels. But in order to have and reach for the things that I want, I have to be brave and be tougher than the obstacles I will be meeting along the way, and sometimes a few soft and sweet words is what we need.


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