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College: Is Getting Your Degree Always Worth It?

Updated on March 10, 2016

So Is It Really Worth It?

In life, most people receive an education. More times than not, they decide that their schooling that they receive isn't enough and they decide to pursue their college degree. Obtaining these degrees aren't always worth it.

One thing that negatively results from obtaining a college degree is debt. Students often are unable to pay for their college education due to the high cost of textbooks, tuition, and living cost. These students often resort to getting student loans and grants to help pay for their schooling. These grants and loans that they take out often leave them with crippling debt for them to pay for years to follow.

Another thing that negatively results from obtaining a college degree is still being unable to get a job. This doesn't necessarily happen because someone got their degree, but often people get degrees in fields that aren't really hiring. For example, people with get degrees in animal physiology and they will be unable to find a job. People obtain degrees in fields that don't even have any jobs or they will get a degree in a field that everyone is getting so there won't be enough jobs for everyone.

In conclusion, negative things with result from obtaining a degree making it not worth it to obtain a degree. There's really no point for someone to spend thousands of dollars to still not get a job.


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