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College Isn't For Everyone

Updated on December 14, 2015

You Have Options

And that's ok!
And that's ok!
College or Work
College or Work

College isn't for everyone. High school needs to start telling their students that. You have a choice. There are other options and jobs that pay well, that do not require a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate.

Not everyone is into the educational classroom atmosphere. Some people are more hands on.

There are technical vocational schools, where you can learn a skill or trade. There are a ton of two year degrees that actually will get you a good paying job, like a dental hygienist.

Instead of going to college, work save money and travel for a year! You can pick up all kind of life experiences from traveling.

Or you can volunteer in your downtime and learn job skills from that. Volunteering looks good on resumes, and college applications (if you choose to go later on).

There are options out there, don't get sucked in if college isn't for you.


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