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College Life: What To Do Besides Studying All Day

Updated on August 18, 2016

It Isn't All About Academics

College is an important time of a student’s life because it is supposed to assist in preparing for the future and getting a sustainable career based on the major or majors. It is the perfect opportunity to get away from home and get used to living in a whole new environment. During the first quarter or semester, depending on how the school operates, incoming freshmen do not know what to do besides study. College is not just for academics; it can be the gateway in making new friends and taking up a new hobby.

Joining a Club

Joining a club is an ingenious way to kill two birds with one stone. Clubs are a great way to meet new people with the similar interests as well as doing something enjoyable. I highly recommend also joining a club that is totally foreign because learning new skills or experiencing and probably finding a new hobby does not hurt. Want to learn martial arts to feel more secure living in an unfamiliar environment? No problem! In the beginning of the year, there is usually a showcase for all the clubs being offered on campus. Peeking at the booths and signing up for many newsletters for more information about the different clubs is a great start for the school year. Although signing up for the various diverse clubs on campus can be fun, be sure to remember to only officially join a reasonable amount of clubs to reduce stress from handling both school work and school activities.

Checking Out the Gym

Having healthy lifestyle is needed in order to do well in school, especially in college. Although there is always the high chance that the gym may be packed during certain hours due to the number of students, visiting the gym at random times and making a record of what time of the day it usually gets full is a start. Working out is also a way of blowing off steam and stress due to the hardcore physical activity. Going to the gym may be intimidating at first if it is the student’s first time going to one, but after making it part of the daily rounds, it will be easy to get used to. Besides, burning a few calories and building up some muscle is not a terrible idea. If going to the actual gym is still uncomfortable after a while, try joining the fitness group exercises like yoga or Zumba.

Taking a Walk Around Campus

College is huge. As a freshman, it will take time to get used to the different trails and classrooms. Going on a hike or simply taking a walk out of the dorms is a pleasant way to just get out and clear the head from unneeded worries or stress. Getting some sunlight instead of staying indoors cooped up in a tiny room is a great way to get fresh air. Depending on the campus, there may even be wildlife wandering around, so have that camera ready for some lovely photos.

Visiting the Community or Recreation Room

Chances are that there is at least one community or recreation room on campus, and there is no harm in checking it out. My campus has several rooms, and they all include an Xbox 360 with Kinect, foosball, table tennis, chess, retro arcade machines, pool, air hockey, and a kitchen. Sometimes, my friends and I practice table tennis, with me always spiking the ball. There are even couches in the rooms so students can study and then pick up a paddle as a study break. It is convenient because it is a way to get work done and take breaks and relax once in a while. Although it may get loud at times, especially if someone is blasting the music through the radio, it is way better than being smuggled in a small space in the dorm rooms. Besides, it is a chance to meet new students from different grades and dorm rooms.

Using Student Discounts Because Why Not?

As a college student, there is a high chance that there are a bunch of student discounts just by showing vendors the student I.D. card. Going downtown and checking out the different stores and finding out which ones give a student discount is a great way to get used to the new environment. Heck, even the bus ride to downtown may even have a special program for students. At my university, I am given special privileges by the downtown bus station, so I can get to the beach or downtown for “free.” I say “free” because it is part of my tuition, but I am glad I do not have to buy a bus pass or pay a fee every time I get on a bus. Next time, the schedule is clear of any school work, take a bus and explore the downtown area. Maybe see a movie with discounted tickets or check out the local comic book store and grab a comic or two (more if there’s a discount) and have fun.

Making The Most of College

Depending on the major or how many years planned to spend in college, the time spent in college is limited. Instead of dreading the future and having to pay off college loans, experience the college life that makes people always talk about in day-to-day conversations. Do not stay cooped up in the dorm rooms forever; it may anger roommates who want some alone time, and it is definitely not healthy. Getting used to a new environment may seem terrifying, but might as well put that college tuition to good use.


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