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College Tips - How to Make a Good First Impression in the Class

Updated on September 9, 2014
C.V.Rajan profile image

C.V.Rajan is a retired Engineer and a spiritual seeker.With inquisitive observation of life, he writes on several human relationship issues.

Making a first impression in classes in your college actually has three sides and they have a risk of contradicting with each other. They are: one, making a good first impression with the lecturers/ professors; two, making a good first impression with classmates of the same sex and three, with the classmates of the opposite sex.

Behaving somewhat arrogantly with the teaching staff, not listening to the lecture and making fun amidst the classmates secretively may perhaps appeal to be too tempting and enjoyable. Such activities may even help you to make a first good impression amidst peer group in the class but such antics will not auger well in the long run. College life is much more serious than school life and as the college is the stepping stone for the future career, it is important that as a college student, your behavior and demeanor becomes more matured and dignified.


Assuming that you are the studious type whose first priority is to make a first impression with the teaching staff, here are the tips:

1) Try to occupy the first row in the class. A student in the first row is generally considered as a sincere and studious type who is eager to listen to the teacher.

2) Be present in the class before the professor arrives.

3) When your turn to introduce yourself comes, talk legibly, audibly and with self confidence without fumbling or mumbling.

4) Be alert and listen to the professor

5) When questions are thrown, be enthusiastic to throw up your hand and be ready to answer.

6) Ask appropriate doubts; If the lecturer makes any obvious mistakes, restrain your enthusiasm to point it out. Let some one else do it!

7) When the lecturer wants some volunteer for some activity inside or outside the class, be enthusiastic in volunteering.

If you are a male and you want to make a good first impression in the class with the other boys, perhaps you should never indulge in most of the things that are listed above! Be cordial and friendly with class mates. Never dress too formally. Be identifiable as one among the crowd rather than one who looks tall and distant in a crowd!

If you are a girl, you can definitely do most of the above listed "do"s to impress the lecturer and your classmates (girls) may not detest you for these efforts, but the boys may! To impress the other girls, come in an outfit distinctly smarter and different from the mass. Be friendly with girls and be slow to mingle with the boys. Do not behave arrogantly with boys and do not try to display any over-smartness on the first day.


For a girl, to make a good first impression in the class amidst boys, her looks definitely has a huge bearing, but it may not be so to the same extent for boys over girls. Girls watch more for good "personality" which encompass several things like a good dressing sense, decent manners, a distinctive style, good sense of humor coupled with a display of brilliance and a "visibility" which is definitely not learned from the manners of apes! Though a boy needs time to display all these characteristics, there is nothing like starting the efforts right on the first day, so that he stands a good chance amidst girls to grab their attention sooner than others!



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