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College Students: Why You Should Buy Textbooks Online

Updated on March 10, 2012

Many college students who are brand new to college often buy books from their University book store. This is one of the biggest ways to lose money. On average, a college student could be spending 200-300 on a single textbook, that’s what I did. What most of the college student do not know is that they can get the books for a fraction of the prices online. Sites like Ebay, Amazon are the best when it comes to buying cheap, used books. The conditions are not even that bad and assuming you will only used it for a semester: who cares if there is writing in the book?

See the benefits of buying online:

New vs. Used

College Student should only buy used books. The advantage of a used book is that it is cheap. While a new book is nice, you can get the same quality in a used book. A used book simple means someone had it before you. If you look at the condition that was posted beside it (when you buy it online), you can get a general idea of how good the quality is. There are very few reasons for any college student to buy a brand new book unless it was required that you write and turn it in.

New Edition vs. Old Edition

If possible try to buy the old edition. The advantage of this is that it is cheap and the content is almost all identical. From my experiences in college, all of these new editions usually have more examples in them. Not much incentive for someone to spend an additional 50 dollars. Always check with your professor, sometime there are actually new content that is needed for the class, but the majority of the time you should definitely buy an older edition.

Buying from the US vs. Buying from India

Books from the U.S. usually cost much more than if they were printed in India. Although the front cover looks completely different, the contents are identical. It is not illegal to buy books online from anywhere, even if some people try to scare you. Once you buy a book, it belongs to you and it is your right to sell it to anyone you wants and vise versa. Buying it from the US costs so much more moneys and when you are on a tight budget, it’s not worth it.

When you buy books online, you can get options. Unlike the book store where there are a limited number of used books; there are not a limited number of used books online. There are so many benefits and the saving can be huge. On average I spend about 150 dollars every semester buying books and I was an engineering majors. Some of the book cost 300 dollars if I bought from a books store.


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