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Colleges and their disciplinary situations and actions

Updated on July 10, 2012

Definition of college

College is the place where higher secondary and graduation level education is given to the students. Process of Formal Education is carried out in colleges, which means that routine wise classes are arranged for students unlike the school level.

Disciplinary situations in the colleges

A. Perception Problems:-

Perception is the process in which brain organizes the input in a manner that the input stimuli become a meaningful for the person receiving that input.

As the students are just coming after their school age they are not ought to listen to the teacher. They just filter the incoming data as they have less self efficacy regarding their perception. They just listen what they want to listen. At this age they are not much responsible regarding their studies they use to spend their time in other curricular activities.

B. Problems at home:-

Most of the students have a disrupt behavior at their homes.

Frustration plays a vital role in disturbing the behavior of the student in the college.

Students in the colleges will not attend their classes with due diligence as they are trapped in their personal issues related to their homes. In most of the rural areas parents need their children as their earning member after school, but when these students want to go to college for further studies; this would be a disturbing situation for some homes. And by this students can not pretend himself as good student and will show a disrupt behavior in the college.

C. Lack of Interest:-

It is the worst situation that a student faces in the college.

Lack of interest in the prescribed syllabus or field of study will lead a student to a bizarre way. As the student have no interest in his studies he will not attend his class diligently and will be the part of disturbing students and create the disciplinary problem to the college.

D. Involvement in different groups;-

In most of the colleges students want to get indulge in the groups formed spontaneously in the colleges. Most of the students in these colleges are not sincere with their studies and spend their most time in other activities which are harmful for the discipline of the college.

When the new students become the part of these groups, they get them busy in those activities and by this other students can not focus on their studies and by this disciplinary situation arises.

E. Freedom from teachers:-

In most of the colleges teachers are ought to take their respective classes and deliver lectures and never pay attention on the student’s studies as the school teacher does. Now as the students feel themselves free from encumbrances they never put faith in their studies and get involve in the other activities and create disciplinary situation or problems in the college.

F. No fear of dismissal:-

As the students are aware that they will not be restricted from the college if they do any wrong with the rules of the college they waste their time in the groups and in other activities.

So these are the some problems which are prevailing in the colleges of Pakistan. Most of the colleges are working to control these disciplinary situations. Following solutions or actions can solve these problems.

Colleges and their disciplinary

Solutions or actions for disciplinary situation in colleges

A. Making of strict rules:-

By laying down strict rules in the colleges discipline can be maintained. Punitive acts would be helpful for controlling the disciplinary situation in the colleges.

Proper outcomes would be known to the students in case of any disciplinary situation. By this student will feel fear to do the wrong acts as they know about serious consequences?

B. Making of different committees:-

Committees must be forms in the colleges to control the disciplinary situations in the colleges. These must be goal oriented committees and must be working voluntarily. Their task must be this that they control the environment of the college and can not be disturbed by the students. Their working should be properly checked and analyzed.

ØRight leader must be chosen for these committees:-

Their leader must have the qualities of the good leader. The leader must possess some extraordinary powers to control the situations of the discipline. Wrong choice of leader can drive to the committee to a wrong way.

A. Motivational sessions must be arranged:-

Different motivational sessions must be arranged on permanent basis so that students must be aware of their ultimate task. They should be motivated to their studies and to their other activities.

B. Involvement of teachers in the personal life of students:-

When teachers get involved in the personal life of the students they can understand better about the problems of students. It is also a great motivation for the student and by this better disciplinary situation can be existed.

C. Right path must be shown to groups of colleges:-

Groups must be shown the right path, which means that from the spontaneous groups which are most probably known to whole college, should be positively used in the college.

As these groups have a good reputation in the college they can be used fruitfully by the disciplinary committee. Task must be given to the groups and then they should be rewarded in accordance with their workings.

By the above mentioned disciplinary actions environment of the colleges can be controlled and maintained deliberately. By using the appropriate resources standard of education will rise and the time will only spend in transmitting of education. And the time is not so far when we will beat the nations in development.


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