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Colored Lab Coats – Because there’s more than just white lab coats

Updated on August 30, 2010

If you’re looking for colored lab coats then you’ve probably realized that there’s more to work beside just white lab coats.  While there certainly are some subtle plusses to the sense of uniformity that having all white lab coats in the labs brings, this approach tends to lack any sense of individuality.  Meanwhile colored lab coats provide a creative outlet, a chance to express some individuality in your everyday work.  You may be interested in these lab coats for a different reason.  Coming from a more corporate perspective, another option that they present is the chance to categorize individuals based on their jobs.  For instance in a hospital setting you may need to know doctors from nurses just with a quick glance and based on the color of the lab coat be able to tell who can help you out.  Or if you work in a research lab, the colors may help to distinguish divisions, pay grades, or type of laboratory worker.  As you can see there are many reasons that would support the purchase of a non-white lab coat, but how do you find the right one for your needs?

The most important thing when looking for any type of lab coat is safety.  The primary reason that you’re getting a lab coat in the first place is to protect you and your clothes from any sort of contaminants that you may encounter throughout the day.  So depending on the setting you may need to have a highly chemical resistant lab coat made from polyethylene or even disposable lab coats made from materials like tyvek that are one use to prevent any type of contamination or multiple use to be able to dispose of them easier.  However if you work in a biological field you may be more interested in getting a three quarters sleeve lab coat which makes washing up a lot easier plus you won’t contaminate your lab coat as you go from lab to lab or room to room. I know that there are special medical lab coats that are made from anti-microbial materials and prevent the spread of bacteria, disease, mold and other biological contaminants.  Safety should be your top priority when choosing any lab product and fortunately there are a lot of colored lab coats that provide the level of safety you need.

Beyond safety and function of laboratory coats, there are several other factors that may play in to your decision on which type of lab coat to get.  I know that for most companies cost is a concern and they will shop around for cheap lab coats to save some money.  If this is a concern for your company you’ll want to buy lab coats in bulk, as with most things, the more you buy the cheaper the per unit cost is.  One way to get cheap lab coats and have individuality is to use colored lab coats.  If you chose the same style and purchase your lab coats from the same place you can still get the bulk discount on the lab coats no matter what color they are.  If you need even more individuality you can look to embroidered lab coats.  This is a great way to personalize and customize lab coats so that each laboratory worker feels unique and appreciated.  No matter which type you choose the one thing that is probably most over looked when purchasing lab coats is that a company will only buy one for each worker.  Because they are designed for safety, the whole purpose is to protect the worker and their clothes and if something were to get onto the lab coat you would need to decontaminate or wash the coat and the worker would need a replacement to continue working.  My suggestion would be to purchase multiple lab coats, probably 3 per worker so that you never have to worry if one gets ruined or is in the wash. 

To find a source for cheap lab coats it’s best to shop around.  There are a number of uniform retailers online and many of them specialize in laboratory garments.  If you are looking to get personalized embroidered lab coats, you will have to wait for a few weeks for the embroidering to be done so this may play into which company you order from.  A quick search around the internet will give you an idea of what you’re going to spend on lab coats and whether or not it will fit your budget.


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    • kariannr profile image

      kariannr 5 years ago from Ogden, Utah

      I'm a medical laboratory science student, and as much as I would love to wear a purple lab coat, I choose white because I can see if I get blood on it and it needs to be changed.