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Study of Colours - Psychology of Each Colour

Updated on May 4, 2019
Each person has his own favorite color
Each person has his own favorite color | Source

Did you know that...

  • Every computer displays 16,8 million colors to create one image.
  • The number of colors is infinitive.
  • Every person can see 10 million colors.

Psychology and Colors

The psychology of colours has been investigated and studied by psychiatrists and psychologists for a very long time. One of the first scientists who tried to understand and analyze how colours affect our emotions was psychiatrist Carl Jung from Switzerland.
Jung believed that people could express their feelings through colours. He even was using a colourful "painting" in the treatment of patients in order to determine the subconscious influences of each colour on the human brain.

Those who are dealing with marketing should pay close attention to the colours in order to be able to influence people, to make them notice whatever product is being sold.

In order to completely understand how colours are affecting people let's analyze them.

Colour Analysis - Green and Shades of Blue

  • Green

Green colour typically can be found in the environment and in logos that have to do with plants and nature, for this reason, the colour is widely used by florists and landscape architects. Still green is a colour that exudes tranquillity and peace. It is also good for business related to financial categories as it represents wealth. Doctors, dentists and health-care companies, often use green to symbolize good health and well-being, while it is also used by florists and garden architects.

  • Shades of blue

The manufacturers of air fresheners and cotton sheets are using shades of blue to promote freshness. On the other hand, deep blue logos are also used by academics. Generally, blue shades are associated with safety, reliability, and authority. For this reason, many companies of electronic and electric appliances prefer blue to emphasize the reliability of the product. Consider, for example, companies such as Samsung, IBM, Intel, Hewlett Packard, General Electric and others.

Festival Of Colors in India
Festival Of Colors in India

Do you believe that color can affect our mood?

See results

Bright Red

  • Bright Red Colour

The colour red symbolizes insight, intense hunger and also a need of health assistance. Red Cross (Health) or even restaurants like MacDonald's (hunger) are the best examples of using red color. For decades, the red color was used to inform the public about something important. It can easily be understood why the road signs have a red colour and why it was chosen for traffic lights.

Also, the red color is associated with the power. The logo of Superman has a strong red color and it represents the superpower of super hero. Ferrari prefers this color as its base in order to show the power of its cars. Finally, red is the color of passion, so it couldn't be missing from the marketing and advertising of cosmetics.

If you want to get the attention of someone you should use red. It is the first color to look and the color of energy. It is associated with movement and excitement. The red clothes add a few pounds but they do not allowed you to pass unnoticed. Red is the symbol of life, that is the reason brides in China are using red gown! It is the most used color in celebrations of love.


Yellow and Black

  • Yellow

The shades of yellow are used to show anyone the helpfulness and the knowledge of a person or of company. For example, the yellow pages or courier company UPS. Yellow is also used by hotels in tropical destinations and by the companies dealing with solar energy. Finally, the yellow gives a feeling of warmth and happiness but sometimes it works and as a warning. For example, many road signs are yellow and they inform us if something is being prepared or being fixed on the road.

  • Black

Black is the colour of power, strength and stability. It is associated with intelligence and wit. Black clothes make us look slimmer. But it is also dark and sometimes it can be associated with evil. In the West, the black colour expresses unhappiness. Generally, it is a "serious" colour that causes strong emotions.

The power of Colors
The power of Colors | Source

White and Brown Colors Meaning

  • White

For the majority of the world, white is the colour of purity, thus we have white wedding dresses. It is the colour of cleanliness and safety that gives light and positivity. The absence of colour or white colour shows neutrality. In some eastern parts of the world, white is associated with mourning.

  • Brown

Brown is the colour of reliability, stability and friendship. Many people are choosing it as their favourite. It is the colour of the earth, which could symbolize stability as it is associated with what is natural and organic. Be careful though because in India it is the colour of mourning.

Grey and Purple Colors Meaning

  • Grey

In grey colour, we see something practical, timeless, workable and constant. Usually grey colour leads to zero feelings, but in the presence of grey products, we have a sense of stability and confidence. The shades of grey associated with unpleasant feelings, ageing and disorientation. The silver however often shows strong character.

  • Purple

What colour was used to make clothes worn by queens and kings? Certainly, it was purple... The most royal one that symbolizes wealth, prosperity and culture. This colour stimulates brain activity and helps in solving puzzles. The careful use of purple can symbolize a touch of mystery, wisdom and respect. All shades of purple used to be worn by girls at puberty.


  • Multicolour

No wonder big companies like Pepsi Cola, Microsoft, Apple or Google are using more than two colours in their logos. By combining a few colours they are trying to make customers think about what each colour represents. Our brain connects to the basic colours with many concepts simultaneously and we accept these colours as symbols of peace, self-confidence, authority and trust.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 SAM ELDER


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    • SAM ELDER profile imageAUTHOR

      SAM ELDER 

      2 months ago from Home

      That is a very interesting thought concerning black/white colors. thank you for your comment.

    • Marie Flint profile image

      Marie Flint 

      6 months ago from Jacksonville, FL USA

      I have studied psychology through the Teachings of the Ascended Masters East and West. The theories presented through the Teachings are based on causal colors. Red and black, for example, are not worn for students serious about the spiritual studies.

      For the most part, your descriptions are commonly accepted by people in sales and art. Technically, white and black are not colors, but the presence or absence of them.

      Thank you for writing about this subject.

    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 

      5 years ago from India

      very informative hub! thanks for sharing!

      And it's great to read your writing after ages! I hope your remember me from bubblews :)

    • craftarrific profile image


      6 years ago from California

      I find psychology fascinating! I call this "lite psychology" because it's simple enough for me to understand.


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