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Colors are a Sign of Chemical Reaction

Updated on June 3, 2017

The Chemistry of Colors

Have you ever thought why earth is so colorful? I mean why is there so much of vividness on earth. The mountains are green, the skies are blue, the oceans are blue, the milk is white, humans are of so different colors and the best part, we can see and feel them all. I do not have an objection though. What I mean is why life is so colorful? Well, that can also be a different question, why is there after all life on earth. But, I have taken that as a norm, and progressed to the question why life on earth is so colorful?

Here are some probable answers.

God has made this world colorful

The first one is anti-atheist. I feel the earth is created by God, and he wants it to be colorful. God wants to show the vividness of life. He wants us to enjoy this world ethically. He has created all these colors to show that the life is beautiful and we can see and feel good about it. God also wants us to know that he can do anything; he can create any color with just a tweak of his fingers. God is omnipresent and he can take any shape. The colors we see in earth are the representation of God’s creativity. We must understand, maintain and cherish the colors because that is the most beautiful thing about being human beings.

Color is due to chemical reaction of light with surfaces of objects

The next one is a bit scientific in nature. Colors are a direct result of light’s properties. I mean we see color because a certain section of light is being emitted by all objects. If blue light is being radiated from an object, we see it blue – that way. However, I feel it is not just absorbing and reflecting lights that make things colorful. I feel there is chemistry behind it. I think when light falls on objects, it reacts with the object and due to this reaction a certain color is produced. For example, when light falls on Katrina Kaif’s face, it reacts with the upper layer of her skin, and since Katrina is very reactive and exuberant, it makes her look extremely fair ( J ).

No, I mean it. That is a reason why we get darker if we stay in the sun for a long time. That is why things get faded gradually. The light reacts with the surface and produces the colors. I want to say that when children are taught that the colors are a natural part of the light and they are seen when a certain type of constituent color of light is emitted (i.e- not absorbed) by an object, it shows that certain color, we avoid a very basic assumption. The color is not a part of the light; it is actually a product of a chemical reaction of upper surfaces of stuffs with the light.

I have more points to make. See, have you ever bought a shirt that looks fabulous in the shop during night, but when you bring it home and wear it the next day, it doesn’t look that awesome? It is because, sunlight produces something else when it reacts with the cloth, but the LEDs in the shop produce something else. That’s the reason behind the change.

It is already known that light, when it falls on metals, helps the metal emit electron which is sort of a chemical reaction. I feel the phenomenon is applicable to every object of this universe. But wait, there is a twist. I do not think that only electrons are ejected when light falls of objects. I think, it reacts with the surface on which light falls. That is one step ahead of electron emission. I think the core of the surface gets changed when light falls on it. That is why colors of things get faded with age. It is due to the constant reactions of light with the surface.

Now, here is the biggest assumption. If we accept it to be true that light reacts with surfaces and the resultant shows us the colors, what is the basic color of light then? I think, light is colorless, it has no color. Many of you will say that we see light and feel it to have certain colors. I agree, but here again, I feel we see different colors of light because they react with our atmosphere. I have a point here too. See, the colors of lights from different sources are different. The sunlight looks yellow, the tube light looks white, the fire we burn looks orange-type. Why do we have so many colors of light?

It is because color is just a form of chemical reaction. All the different sources react differently with surroundings, and the resultant color is generated. The space is dark because light has no color, and there is nothing to react with in the space. I think one day we will be able to discover the type of chemical reactions light produces with different objects. Till then, enjoy the colors and thank god for providing you two eyes to see the vividness of this beautiful planet.

Colors, colors, colors



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