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Colours and Art

Updated on April 3, 2012

Some of My Favourite Paintngs.

Joy of Giving. Love this paint of mine.
Joy of Giving. Love this paint of mine. | Source
Lady in the moonlight.
Lady in the moonlight. | Source
Yashoda and Krishna.
Yashoda and Krishna. | Source
Ganesha. | Source

Colour complete the art.

When a child first open his eyes he finds colour everywhere and so it brings smile on his face. Colour is the expression of Life. I love splashing up my art since childhood, no matter i'm good or bad till the time i enjoy paintings. I have always wondered growing colour is the reality of worldly existence. We eat Colour, We grow with colours and We live with colour, life is always filled with colours and called 'Colourful Life'.

To Understand colour is to understand life-to reveal the reality in yourself. It's one of the most beautiful creation of God. Without colour, Life is not life at all. I enjoy painting and the best part of paintings is experimenting with colours. Technical know how on colours will enhance your joy to play with colours. I've seen a Scientific Knowledge of Colours and their chemistry would make your work more perfect and versatile. You can talk authoritatively on the life of your works if you know fully what you are using. The art of person whom i admire most is Raja Ravi Varma Paintings. His paintings are full of magical expressions. To my knowledge he is one of the great Painter of Indian History Art.

Factors that determine the life of painting is the prime aspect. We shall deal with two very important aspects of know how on colours. The life of your painting shall depend on the life expectancy of colours and their mixtures. For this Knowledge of colour chemistry has to be there. Another aspect to know colours shall be laws of colour application and mixing, they generally known as Do's and Dont's of colour play. You need not keep guessing knowledge of colour chemistry and colour mixing, you can paint with confidence. Knowledge of the chemical compatiblity as well as natural laws of colour mixing will help you in attaining better results at work tables.

Colours are the Awesome creation of God, you play with them and their bold spectrum shall give you a feeling of ultimate happiness. Have you ever spent time with Nature, trust me it's the most beautiful feeling which gives you the utmost happiness. Watching those radiant clouds, dancing flames, enchanting valleys, colourful birds. Try to be one with the beauty of Cracking the dawn, cozy eventides or darkness draped in stars and moon as broche. Make an attempt to imitate what you see and the colour on your canvas will just blooms up. I have seen what can be expressed in volumes of words is expressed in one single painting. Last but not the least, It was Yuri Gagarin who exclaimed, when he described universe from his space craft, "Oh! what a colour harmony. I see Rochrie's Painting here".


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    • profile image

      santhanam 5 years ago

      super kewl machi keep going. i really admire your art and your color sense