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Combine Fun, Education and Romance When You Visit Some of the Historic Cities in France

Updated on September 11, 2011

When I think of France, visions of beautiful Gothic architecture, the Eifel Tower, and Notre Dame…and of course…romance… come to mind.Some of the most beautiful buildings in the world are located in the historic cities in France.If you’re planning a European trip, then the beautiful countryside historic cities of France simply must be on the itinerary.Let’s talk briefly about some of the historic cities that you might wish to visit and what you’ll see while you’re there.

Amiens is one of the historic cities in Northern France that is the home of the famous Notre Dame cathedral.Did you know that this historical cathedral is the largest Gothic building in the whole country of France?This beautiful ancient cathedral located in this historic city was built in a very short period of time, making it unique not only for its size but also for the short interval of time in the building process.It is called the “Parthenon of Gothic Architecture”.

Of particular interest in Amiens is the area called Hortillonages.This area in this historic city is a large district in which many market gardens have been created on small islands that are located on the edge of the town.The marshes in this historic city, having been drained first by the Romans, have been used for several hundred years to plant vegetables.Connected by artificial canals, the area totals 741 acres and has supplied the occupants of this and other historic cities with their vegetables until the last century.

If you wish to get away from the city, there are guided boat tours through this historic city’s natural area from April to October, when weather permits.

Another of the historic cities in France is Avignon, which lies at the southern end of France.This historic city is located at the convergence of the Rhône and Durance rivers and will delight you with magical, medieval beauty.This historic city is home to the glorious historical Palace of the Popes and, when combined with the rolling beauty of the hills, the sea of red-tiled roofs, clock-towers, steeples and the Pont d’Avignon, a captivating magical setting ensues.

The historic city of Avignon was once the City of Popes and it was a major artistic center, often rivaling Rome.If you’re interested in the past, this is one of the historic cities in France that is loaded with museums, historical buildings, palaces, cafes and bars that will surely satiate your passion for history.The Palace of the Popes, located in this historic city, is an absolute must see for visitors.Like so many structures in France’s historic cities, this palace was originally constructed as a fortress as can be seen by the heavily fortified battlements towering over the city.These embattlements can still be seen and appreciated today.In the historic city of Avignon, you’ll find your fair share of medieval buildings, quaint shops, and beautiful country sides, as well as beautiful cathedrals to visit.

If you’re interested in visiting seaport historic cities, then one you might like to put on your itinerary is Brest.This historic city lies on the northwestern tip of France and is one of the French historic cities that have an international airport that can connect you with Charles De Galle and Orly airports, having numerous daily flights available.

One of the greatest tourist attractions in the historic city of Brest is the 15th century castle that provides a breath-taking panoramic view of the city.Also located in this historic city, the National Navy Museum is located in three of the towers of this magnificent structure.There, you can get quite the indoctrination to the maritime traditions of this historic city.

This is one of the historic cities in which you can enjoy sandy beaches for sunbathing, swimming, yachting and windsurfing; or enjoy visiting grottos and viewing spectacular tall granite cliffs.There is even an aquarium in Océanopolis marine centre, just a few kilometers east of this historic city that provides quite a variety of marine life as well as a 3 D cinema.

Another interesting historic city is the seaport town of La Rochelle.This historic city is located in South West France on the Atlantic coast, between the historic cities of Nantes and Bordeaux.You’ll find an aquarium here, too, as well as shops, bars, restaurants and museums to satisfy your inquiring mind.Since the historic city of La Rochelle is deeply connected to the sea, you’ll, find in the maritime museum here, a great variety of marine life displays plus Jacques Cousteau’s boat, the Calypso, which, as you may recall, had sunk in Singapore.The boat was raised and returned to France as a gift to the historical museum.

Because the city centre of this historic city is quite safe for pedestrian use, you will thoroughly enjoy walking up and down the streets to appreciate the 16th and 17th century architecture found there.You’ll also be pleased to see some 14th century fortifications that are bound to beckon to you for exploration.

And, of course, no trip to France would be complete without a visit to the historic capital of Paris.In spite of the massive size of this historic city, Paris very easily traveled as the city centre is fairly compact and the city enjoys an efficient public transportation system.The transportation system in this historic city includes subway travel which connect to many suburban areas, and with buses and taxis, there is easy access to air travel to some of the largest and most popular airports in France.

This historic city is well known for its beautiful architecture, museums, and the street life complete with shops, bars and restaurants that you’ll find on every street.Famous historic buildings and places like Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower and Hotel de Ville will thrill any one with any interest in history or historical architecture.Even Disneyland has a resort located in the historic city of Paris!

There are so many beautiful and historic cities and places in France to visit.The historical architecture, like some of the picturesque countryside, is like nothing found any where else on earth.So much of the history of almost every heritage in Europe and North America is somehow rooted in France and the military prowess it has enjoyed for centuries.From ancient castles with their embattlements to the tall, solitary granite cliffs to the picturesque countryside to the myriad of shops, restaurants and museums…what more could you ask for in entertainment for your family vacation.Ah…France…what a wonderful and historic country to visit!

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