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Comment: Can COVID-19 Cure the Education System?

Updated on April 18, 2020
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Earlier this year, 258 million children and adolescents were out of school globally. Today, with the spread of new coronaviruses worldwide,


Earlier this year, 258 million children and adolescents were out of school globally. Today, with the spread of new coronaviruses worldwide, nearly 1.6 billion learners (accounting for more than 90% of global students) are kept at home. Infectious diseases are an endless continuation of the obstacles students face in seeking quality education and improving their lives.

Although the digital world surrounds schools, in terms of technology development, schools usually have fewer resources and lower availability. No matter where you live, the weird image of the teacher in front of the school blackboard, whiteboard or classroom is full of students sitting at a table with paper and pencils. As students desperately try to learn online in epidemics, this lasting method of education is proven.

Long before the appearance of COVID-19, education was trapped in the classroom. Due to poverty, distance, violence, or the need to work to support the family, students gave up studying. But learning is everywhere. Learning does not have to establish contact with physical stores, and can take many forms. When we need to accept new realities and we are smart, we will use them to introduce many necessary innovations into our education system.

In fact, the opportunity to develop reverse engineering solutions for out-of-school youth in rural areas only applies to isolated students.

An example of a mixed learning model is a combination of technology and a balanced curriculum between self-directed and teacher-led learning. Based on flexible schedules and unique learning methods, digital learning and small group learning and work have been developed. We know that student autonomy and rhythm can promote learning and speed at a rhythm of personal choice. In addition, hands-on, related, project-based application courses will deepen your work based on hidden knowledge and skills. If we accept it, that's fine.

Teachers adapt to the online curriculum plan while maintaining student motivation and learning. In impoverished rural areas, severe shortages of teachers are common, but these shortages are solved by specifically playing the role of teachers and integrating social mentors and colleagues. Technology and digital platforms can be used to increase teacher efficiency and give students time to support when needed. Finally, formerly marginalized students can adjust digital learning at their own pace and reintegrate into formal or career and employment fields.

Educators have identified many of these strategies as "distorted classrooms", "appropriate levels of teaching", project-based learning or personalized learning. What we call these interventions is more important than our ability to admit that education and our educational methods do not have to be the same. We meet the needs of students by creating sustainable, comprehensive solutions that lead to learning, rather than looking for new solutions for "new".

The current closure of coronavirus in schools indicates that we have a big gap in the overall educational approach. We cannot prevent this or any other problem from providing equal learning opportunities for all children. If, due to the instability of our world, we need to change our lives to prevent the spread of COVID-19, then the question is: will we use this opportunity to adopt, innovate and improve our education system? Claim?


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